11 Jul 2018

Why People Fear Speaking

Hi, I’m Dave Crane.

Did you know that 90% of people have a massive fear of public speaking?

It’s completely true. 10% of people find the love to talk on stage, for love and audience no problem that’s all you can’t get them off all the 90% of us left 80 percent can deal with it we’re not really happy about it but do a little down sweetly talk as quickly as they can to get offstage. They don’t want to have an interaction with the audience in case questions come up, things go wrong, things crash or they might get found out as a fraud because they don’t really know what they’re talking about in front of an audience even though we really do know what we’re talking about on their own or in a small group I’ve only got 10% but of a massive petrifying fear of an audience. So bad that they actually get ill thinking about thinking about an audience well.

Whatever you are you’re missing out on a major opportunity to become even more successful creating your branding. Communicating with more effects to the people who you want to gravitate toward you and pay for your services.

I can help, so what you need to do is think about yourself better be kinder to yourself and I guarantee but when you start investigating ways of building your
confidence or is there making a better brand where’s of communicating more effectively things will start falling into place like never before.

It’s not a fear of public speaking. It’s a fear of what happens when you become super successful public speaking and then it becomes a lot more interesting!

Learn how to overcome your Fear of Public Speaking!

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