08 Aug 2018

Why do you do what you do

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and what my thoughts about 50 is what is it but you’ve actually managed to achieve in your life. I’m not having it going anybody for this it’s just a thought because I think my purpose is amazingly important part of it. As you get older, you start thinking or what so all about units attack some kind of meaning when you look at it backwards you can say oh yeah these things are all part of a journey, about it.

So, to get here but ultimately if you end up with something as your life purpose your own personal CSR, what it is that you see is your personal social responsibility to make the world a better place and it makes it easier for you to make choices. Make choices about your relationships, Choices about your career, Choices about the people you spend time, with you spend money on. If you know what it is that you want to do to change the world. It also allows you to understand what you’ve actually got out of your life so far.

It’s not essential this very useful way of bouncing all up to me either simple on.e I wanted like to be better for everybody who encountered me. I wanted to have an experience about me. They had a little bit more than they had before. They met me that’s why I do videos that’s why my social media is all about improving people and ultimately that’s why I’m a motivational speaker but I train people to be able to speak, that what’s yours?

What are you doing that’s being in world events in place and how does that affect you is the more that you give to people, more internally makes you feel better too and that’s pretty much what it’s all about.

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