17 Sep 2018

When You See A Chance

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. Do you know that most people spend their lives running away from things and hiding pretending things that never really should happen will happen. But fear of the unknown is a major player in why people don’t find the success that they truly need to have. That and the ability to public speak and the ability to understand how money works hold people back and you know what the system is meant to be like that. It’s meant to hold you back.

We’re not meant to be like that. We’re meant to be successful and we can all be successful together. You think about the fears that you have in life and you push yourself that’s eat them off that’s something. You’ll find that there are no more fears but the goal posts to be moved. Go for that and go for that and keep pushing yourself and speak and understand money. Understand the world around you because what’s gonna happen ultimately is you’ll have no fear over anything.

The only fear that you have is about time running out. So, that’s why you have to start facing your fears and making changes right now because there’s never enough time. If you’ve got 40 years left on this planet, every single second should be devoted towards moving you further and enjoying the journey. Don’t spend a second regretting because you haven’t moved forward because while you’re not moving forward your competition is doing so and they’ll get there faster and wants to get there.

There’s no room for you do it. Now make those changes. I believe in you you, should believe in yourself better.
Jump and grow wings on the way down.
What’s the worst thing you’d have happen?
You become successful or even better!

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