22 Aug 2018

What’s My Brand

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. Let’s talk about building your own personal brand. Now, your personal brand or your business brand are very similar. There’s two versions of you, visit brand new which lives inside you and that’s what it goes on in your head and that’s the one that you share of. Maybe your closest friends, and there’s a business brand that is what the outside world sees of you.
Now, that might not be the same person very rarely is like, for instance if you take any movie star a pop star, take Justin Bieber. Do you really know the true Justin Bieber or just what you’ve heard about in the press and what you see on TV same of a Kardashians. Now, a lot of people use their personality, use their fame, use their connections to create a brand but most people aren’t in that position. Most people just want to be out there seen as what they want to be seen as and to make money from it and there’s nothing wrong with that at all but you still have to take control of the brand that you have.

So, let’s think about a couple of things. First of all, what is a brand? A brand is that perception. A brand is something like once you’ve created it you can attract money to you. People want to be associated with you. People will follow you. You can generate a tribe but most of all, it gives you guidelines on a road map of the decisions that you have to make what about what you can associate with your, what you’re gonna disassociate from and what you’re gonna add to your portfolio to build your brand even bigger.

It’s gotta be congruence. If you’ve got loads of different ideas and bits and pieces everywhere, you’re not perceived as a brand.

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