06 Aug 2018

What should you speak about

So, with all those things put together. How does that fit you? What kind of speaker do you want to be? Do you want to speak about industry? Do you want to speak about the things that you love. Do you want to speak about the things that people want?

Well, here’s a hint for you. What you need to speak about is whatever people ones are here. I personally as a motivational speaker and adding team-building. It’s all about mindset and work-life balance and and and NLP and hypnosis are also joined in together. I put together presentations at a generic and the work of every audience but I also tailor them for who the audience is you might want to find at your, you’ll be experts in one particular area and you’re not a generalist.

Maybe, you talk about big data. Maybe, you talk about systems. Maybe, you talk about how to do sales better than anybody else. Maybe, it’s a certain chemical that comes into the market or new kind of software or integration of apps or how to use some, some sales. It doesn’t matter. Whatever your niche is you have to be seen as the very best in that industry and so that’s what you work towards.

Now, your social media should reflect that your branding should reflect that and you need to push yourself to be seen as a very best in the industry.

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