12 Oct 2018

What if it goes wrong

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. When you’re putting together your corporate events and you’re thinking, right what do I need to spend the money on? We’ve got the venue. We’ve got the catering and we got logistics getting paid from A to B. We got me at the entertainment lined up and everybody’s coming from all around the world. How many go right? How much budget that we have left? Who’s going to host it? You’ve got the
wrong idea. Start the other way around. The host of the emcee is a face of your events. They can make or break the success that you
have. You can get all your staff and put them into a fast-food venue but the entertainer, the host is the right one. They won’t scare and of course, you’ll notice if you haven’t spent some good money but at the same time.

What things go wrong? What the energy has built? What if something has to be altered last minutes. You need somebody that can do that right. Spend money. Get a good host.

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