13 Jul 2018

Using A FlipChart

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and here’s a really cool speaker tip if you find yourself in a boardroom setting and you’re giving a presentation or informing or sharing some ideas with people. It’s always useful to have a flip chart just like this one in the background a flip chart is useful for doing a number of different things.

First of all, when people are gonna ask your questions you don’t have to answer them straight away you just go great question and you write
it down which means you’ve got time to think about it, return to it later. You can actually call a car park and park the questions there you can also use it as a way of a very beginning of a presentation asking people, what is it you want from this? What is it you need to learn from it? What would make you feel like you’ve had your money’s worth at the end of this presentation?
When they tell you what the things are then all you need is make a list of them and make sure you cover all those things. If you don’t and subjects are really big subject it could be even like for me for public speaking I could talk about. It’s for so many different things but don’t necessarily have relevance to what they really want to be together. They might just want public speaking in terms of nerves, fear of public speaking how to start a presentation and how does it finish you off.

So, if I start talking about powerpoints. I start talking about microphone technique a little other things useful but maybe it wastes up a lot of their time and it might not be what they actually had an issue with so always use a flip-top to keep an eye on that. Also, when you’ve got a flipchart allows you later on to be able to turn around to an organization and say these are the issues that we had. This is what the company had a problem with now. If you can brainstorm it and use a flip chart to come up with number of solutions and what you do next and get the crowd to source. Those answers then that is what you can present it to the clients as v’s of the solutions that we’ve seen for your company but it’s going to take it to the next level and you know what I can provide those as

So, a flip chart is immensely useful if you can get it it’s not the same as writing it down on a bit of paper because the visuals of having it. There also allows you to have that position of quality because you’re sharing really cool tips and ideas and also gives them an instant way to review and get engaged because you have a flip chart there.

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