27 Sep 2018

Too many people get social media wrong

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and people called to me all the time and said, Dave, I’ve watched your videos, we’ve seen your stuffs on social media, what’s the special secret to branding yourself online?

And here’s the secret, only put out what you want people to find. Do not tell people everything. Don’t even tell people all the truth about what’s going on. They don’t care, they don’t need to know and thirdly, if it’s too private why do you need to share it to people? You don’t take pictures of your dinner. You don’t need to tell them you’re having a terrible day. You don’t need to even need to say what you think the way the world is being run it right now unless you are creating something that’s gonna fix the world in which case, yeah go fight with somebody even the big guy. But you need to choose and be selective about what you put online because people are gonna look at it and gonna judge you on what they read. And they’re not gonna care whether you’re good person or bad person but they’re just gonna take a snapshot of it and decide whether they do business with you or not. And that’s a really hard to dig out and get rid of.

So, have a think about it. When you put something online make sure that the best possible stuff. Make sure you’re wearing your Sunday best. Make sure you’re sharing great ideas or great tips. And if you’re not doing that, and may be you should zip your mouth and say nothing!

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