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Limited Time Offer. Valid Till: May 31st, 2019


Welcome To The Speakers Tribe


Limited Time Offer. Valid Till: May 31st, 2019

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What Does The Ultimate Speaking System Include?

Module 1 – Motivation Mastery
Module 2 – Fear of Public Speaking
Module 3 – Mindset
Module 4 – Building Your Personal Brand and Content Creation
Module 5 – Stagecraft and Audience Engagement
Module 6 – Business Strategy Tips

1. Motivation Mastery

Your self-esteem and personal confidence are the most important energy to drive your public performance engine. The better you feel about yourself and the more you will be comfortable sharing your ideas with strangers. Each video tutorial is designed to address key drivers, which will boost your self-belief.

2. Fear of Public Speaking

Your irrational fear of talking to audiences makes perfect sense after watching these videos. Once you understand, the causes you will then be given the solution to banish these thoughts, overcome any doubts and follow a simple roadmap to speaking success.

3. Mindset

What makes a good – to – great speaker? In these videos we explore the key drivers for engaging an audience.
YOU train THEM or they will train you.

Learn to charm, seduce and command. It all starts within you and that’s what they react to every time.
In this module you will discover how to optimize that effect.

4. Build your own Personal Brand and Content Creation.

How to create an online and offline persona that will drives leadership, inspires followers, attracts sponsors and grows your tribe. Social media allows a very cost effective way to lift your business and broadcast your message on and off stage.

There is a system to doing this correctly. I share all the key elements of video marketing, business profiles and posting across all the key platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

5. Stagecraft and Audience Engagement

The biggest difference between a successful presentation and a failed one is how much you engaged the audience before, during and after your performance. This module shares stage secrets that only the very best entertainers know. Once you start using these techniques you will be able to wow any audience, anywhere, any time.

6. Business Strategy Tips.

These key messages can be used to inspire you personally AND adapted for use in your own presentations.
Mix and match as you feel best suit your audience and your own style.

Each idea has been tried and tested across social media and presented on various international stages. They can all be shared as life lessons, developed into a personal story with a killer pay off line or used as an anecdote to improve audience engagement when building report.

Watch adapt and share for a hugely effective way to build your own brand,
refine your message and kick start your journey into becoming a highly sought after PAID professional speaker.

10 Benefits After Online Coaching.

  1. Understand what makes you successful in front of a live audience what they want, what they need and how to deliver killer content..
  2. Complete respect from your peers the most effective way to recharge your batteries is to prove that your new found confidence.
  3. Cutting edge training at your fingertips. This content is available n an easily understandable way on your phone so you can learn it and refresh your knowledge on the go anywhere.
  4. Becoming a media/ broadcast expert. People love and respect and follow great speakers. Once they know you always deliver great contact in manageable sound bites and you care, you will enjoy the rewards of heightened interest given to an influencer.
  5. Monetize better when you know that your words and thoughts have influence, others will pat for those skills..
  6. Feel powerful and valued as there is nothing better than knowing you have relevance and impact on people’s lives.
  7. Coach others this is the best way to learn and also build your legacy, helps make the world a better place and generates loyal followers.
  8. Become an influencer brands, agencies, celebrities and other influencers will associate with you and your message.
  9. Get promoted, once you have found your voice, others will want to listen. It makes you a natural leader and the key person to have in any power group.
  10. Transform your life once you find your voice, you have the ability to make better choices and direct your destiny whilst others around you just aimlessly drift following others.

Is The Ultimate Speaking System For Me?

If you want to overcome your fear of public speaking, if you’re looking to take a few minutes out of your busy life to better yourself as a leader, and if you aspire become the best public speaker…Yes, this is for you.

or talk to us today at +971 50 552 4316 to find out more about our exclusive choice of services.

About Dave

Entrepreneur, Motivational Keynote and Inspirational Speaker & Success Expert.

Dave Crane is a motivational speaker, certified hypnotherapist, stage hypnotist, life coach and NLP Master practitioner. This former BBC journalist and author has been the host of many of Dubai’s premium events like Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens, International Beach Soccer, Desert Rhythm and Rock Festivals, Speedcar Series and Legends Rock Dubai Tennis.

Throughout his career, he’s worked with some of the giants of entertainment such as Bruce Willis, James Brown, Sylvester Stallone, Amitabh Bachchan, Hritick Roshan, Robert Plant, Enrique Iglesias, Sting, Jean Alesi, Jim Courier, Stefan Edberg and Kanye West.

His events have been broadcast live to over 8 billion people and performed to audiences of over 50,000 people in stadium.

His clients include some of the worlds most familiar names from Google, Emirates Airline, HSBC, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Toshiba, Panasonic and Samsung.

He’s played across the globe and changed many thousands of lives.

Gain Access 100+ Training Videos taking you to the next level as a public speaker and get bonus content for a limited period.

Limited Time Offer. Valid Till: May 31st, 2019

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