12 Oct 2018

Success Question

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and I’ve just spent the morning doing team building, motivation and some really cool mindset stuff with this company red hat really cool people. And one thing I find fascinating is when you ask questions and most people and you say what’s going to create success in your life. Working on your strengths are working on your weaknesses or even getting a balance of it too.

Most companies, 99% of companies come up with saying, Oh weaknesses! We’ve got to get better of the stuff. We’re not very good at. And
we’re getting completely wrong. The thing is if you’re good at something and you do more of it. More people will want to work of you. Will pay you more for doing that same thing and it grows the way that you are with the industry. It also positions you really well.

So, ultimately to create success work on your strengths very few companies know that these guys do and now so do you.

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