23 Aug 2018

Speaking Tips Time for a pep talk

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and I realized today as a tough day for you. Whoever is dragging yourself out of bed but we’re still with some personal issues maybe its finances, maybe it’s in your personal relationship, maybe it’s in long-lost friends that you want to reconnect with or maybe it’s existing people that don’t talk to you is in the number of number of things that you have to deal with on a daily basis and I completely and utterly buy into you.

You know what at the end of it we’re all a long time dead those people who buy into your fantastic great wonderful. They can enjoy the ride along with you but not everybody will. They’ll have their own reasons of why they don’t want to be connected with you and you know what wish them good luck. That’s their choice don’t take it personally and move on one of the best ways of being a great salesperson is to use the word Next. When Sony doesn’t want your product C next and you move on to the next. One today whatever you’re doing you might find it difficult. You might find it easy but if you do find a challenge becomes too much all you do is you say next and you move on.

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