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Introducing…The Dave Crane Speaking Academy

Please consider the following...

  1. Your objectives (why do you want to become a better speaker).
  2. A brief explanation of what you or your company do and the kind of speaking experiences and events at which you’d like to improve.
  3. What do you want me to help you with first?
  4. Your all-time favourite speaker in terms of content, style or performance.

After submitting your information,
you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know that I personally received your presentation and public speaking skills coaching request.

Afterwards, we will set up a personal call between you and me, to further discuss the best schedule and system to coach you and also how to help you to get more relevant speaking engagements.

10 Benefits After Coaching.

  1. Create powerful interactive presentations that will wow and excite your audience.
  2. Position yourself as the industry expert, the 100% authority and thought leader in your niche.
  3. Communicate and deliver your cutting edge content in an easily understandable way to your chosen demographic.
  4. Confidently answer any question about the most difficult subjects and convert non believers into brand ambassadors.
  5. Gain greater buy-in, commitment and brand loyalty from all attendees as you drive new discussions and directions from all who watch you speak.
  6. Become more confident and persuasive with every presentation (big or small).
  7. Monetize your new skills through speaking engagements, higher ROI and word of mouth recommendations.
  8. Become headhunted by the competition and seen as the one to watch by everyone within your network.
  9. Satisfy stakeholders, directors and decision-makers that you are the industry go-to guy and they are lucky to have you.
  10. Increase opportunities for people to recommend you, gravitate towards your business and hire your services and products because of greater brand approval.


NOTE:  Please understand that this opportunity is NOT for everyone. I am particularly interested in working with high achievers and top people from organizations who understand the importance of public speaking both as an art and a very powerful way to drive sales, increase customer and staff loyalty and dominate their industry.

Being a powerful speaker will also increase your wealth, health and sense of well being whilst improving your confidence and self esteem.

This is one-to-one coaching because every person needs a different tailor made solution which brings out their personality and skill set.

One size definitely does not fit all.
But this will work for you.

Looking forward to working with you:

Winner of Prestigious Al Arouwad/ MTV Award For Best Motivational Speaker in Middle East and North Africa Region


Why become a public speaker?

It’s an essential skill for all leaders and managers.
Remove any fear and reinvent your mindset.
Drive business from the stage.
Inspire your team to greater sales and success.
Create greater customer relationships.
Improve communication skills and ideas more effectively.
Make much better business.
Enhance your social status.
Sleep better.
Stop anxiety and panic attacks about speaking.
Create and produce engaging influencer level social media posts.

Why Choose Dave Crane?

Dave is the winner of the Al Arouwad/MTV award for best motivational speaker in the MENA region. Ex BBC News journalist, Dave has over 40+ years of experience at the sharp end of entertainment and corporate training. He won the UK’s premier reality TV show (Blind Date with 20 million viewers) and has been hosting many premium global events including FIFA Intercontinental Beach Soccer, World’s Ultimate Strongman, World Cup Rugby Sevens, World Club 10’s, World Beauty Championship, Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens (for 20 years). Broadcaster, author and TV/ radio host for over 20 years.
He’s been at the sharp end of premier events industry for 25 years.

So who’s he worked with?

James Brown, Sting, Bryan Adams, Kanye West, UB40, Enrique Iglesias, Robert Plant, Iron Maiden, Joss Stone, Westlife, The Prodigy, The Human League, Velvet Revolver, Paul Weller, Madness, Mika, Ziggy Marley, Melanie C and Geri Halliwell, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, Cindy Crawford, Amitabh Bachchan, Robert Plant, Kanye West, Joss Stone, The Prodigy, Mika, Ziggy Marley, Madness and Iron Maiden.

Any famous speakers?

Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Dr John Gray, Ron Kaufman, Jairek Robbins, Chris Anderson, Joel Comm, Tony Buzan, Vishan Lakhiani, Raymond Aaron, Perry Marshall, James Taylor, David Allen, Bob Urichuck, Andy Harrington, the list goes on…

Who’s on Dave Crane’s client list?

Google, IBM, MasterCard, Alef, Alec, Abu Dhabi Fund For Development, Dubai Government, Schneider Electric, Emirates Airline, HSBC, Chalhoub Group, Honeywell, CISCO, BP, Toshiba, Jumeirah, Boston Scientific Group, ITP Media and Procter & Gamble, NASA, US/Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Pepsi Cola, SASREF and STC.

What Can Dave help me to do?

Take your career to a whole new level. Monetization. Brand building. Stagecraft. Marketing. Keynote speaking. Sales presentations, Hosting conferences. Client consultations. Entrepreneurism. Writing your book. Signature messaging. Storytelling. Building your tribe. Social media dominance and influence. Train the trainer. TV presenting. Podcasts.

How do we get started?

Contact us and we will do the rest. You can get started today.

Do I have to join a group?

No there are many other options including:

  1. An online video coaching course
  2. Bespoke one-to-one sessions (face to face AND Skype)
  3. Plus Dave can train your management team too.

We recommend group for those who need to interact and practice in a safe and proactive environment.


What Others Have To Say


Mike Sypsomos, Project management coach.

Over my 30 years in project management I have done a lot of training and I got a lot of speeches and I just met Dave Crane here in The Speak In Dubai Conference and Dave has taught me how to be a better speaker, how to motivate people more and just from that I have decided that this is going to be my next, my next career.

Thank you so much Dave!

Trina Rice, Entertainer and Empowerment coach

I have had the honour of meeting the amazing David Crane he has been such a gift at our speaker conference and giving us tools and tips.

Pragmatic tools that you can use to hope, assist in entertaining the crowd and keeping them entertained. He’s amazing and I’m very honoured that I got to actually speak with him and to use his tools.

Because I have applied them and I applied them to my speech and it worked.

So if you ever want an amazing speaker and one that is starkly fun and he’s also a superhero, get David Crane.

Patty Alphonso, best selling author & trainer

I just had the pleasure and the honor to see Dave Crane, not only entertain us with his speaking skills but also to train us and as an entertainer.

First of all, he is hysterical. He keeps the crowd going over and over and over again.

And he also uses really relevant content which is always fun. And as a trainer, every single tip that he gave us during his training session I completely implemented it and it worked.

And it was amazing and my speech was also a success. So thank you Dave Crane for being you and for lighting up the world and I can’t wait to see you again.

Dave Crane's Career Experience.


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