21 Aug 2018

Some days are better than others

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. I’m gonna ask you a question. Now, when do you feel most powerful? Do you feel most powerful first thing in morning or lasting at night?

Do you feel most powerful when you got a microphone, you’re doing karaoke or you chilling and you’re just sitting back and thinking about the world? You feel most powerful when you’re doing sports or you’re chillaxing? What is it that makes you and drives you to be your very best?

Here’s what you need to do, think about the last time that you did something that tested you but you manage to be successful in. How did it make you feel? Was it passing exams? Was it meeting your future partner? Was it going for a job interview? Was it taking a task that it was really difficult, somehow you managed to make it work? Think about exactly what that time is and what it is that it did for you. When you work out that you’ll find that kind of thing repeats itself throughout your history. That’s when your most powerful. It’s also your most testing. So, what you need to do? Do more of those things. They are landmarks. They are significance. They train you to remember that you are amazing at what you do.

When you’ve got money coming in because it causes a really good deal. When you go for a period of time and nothing’s coming in remembering how you managed to do before is what allows you to go back into battle. Make some more deals.

So, always, always, always remember what makes you feel most powerful. You don’t have to do immediately but just keep them in your mind and when you’re feeling low, tap into the you that became powerful and that version of you will go back into battle again.

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