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IMAGINE how many opportunities your team leaves UNCLAIMED on the table EVERY single year?

How much would that extra cash transform your business?

Please consider the following facts


  1. Selling AND speaking use the same core communication and mind-set tools.
  2. Selling is the best-paid profession in the world.
  3. Speaking is the number one fear/ phobia in the world.
  4. Great salespeople NEVER have to worry about making more money.
  5. How to sell is probably the most effective skill you’ll ever learn.
  6. Everybody can sell.
  7. What’s Stopping Your Team From Working With Us Today?

Speak And Sell Training Gets Results EVERY TIME.

We use a combination of sales mastery, NLP communication skills and public speaking audience engagement techniques.

When used together they produce an unstoppable persuasion toolkit for any business.

Effective salespeople are:.

  1. A rare breed.
  2. Highly charismatic.
  3. Able to handle rejection.
  4. Smart and inventive.
  5. Committed to getting better with age and experience.

We tailor-make training solutions according to your brand, your industry, your strengths and requirements.

Here’s what our clients are saying about our sales training program:

It’s hugely effective in transforming your team into a special force to be recognized.


  1. Your team will understand EVERY client.
  2. Your clients will see you as a vital contributor to their success.
  3. Your team will be able to close deals EVERYWHERE.
  4. You will retain existing clients.
  5. You can reduce advertising budgets because referrals will drive your business.
  6. Your team will be able to overcome ANY objections.
  7. Your team can cold call.
  8. Your team will be social selling.
  9. Your team will STOP blaming the economy/the climate/ the client etc.
  10. Your team will be self-motivated money making machines.


  • People have money.
  • When they say otherwise, it’s just a smokescreen.
  • Smokescreens are excuses that people use to misdirect you from closing them and making a deal because you haven’t given enough value yet.

Please Note. 

After submitting your information, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know that I personally received your Speak and Sell Mastery coaching request.

Afterwards, we will set up a personal call between you and me, to further discuss the best schedule and system to coach you and your team and also how to help you to get more clients.

It’s time to take back control and turn yourself and your team into the most effective revenue generation unit in your industry.

Let’s talk today…


Kindest Regards,



What Others Have To Say


Victoria Moss, Director and Founder

I worked with Dave Crane. We worked to the one-to-one basis. He worked at me on
the presentations. He worked with me on my favorite public speaking and now I’m ready to go do keynote speaking and speak to people about my business.

I would recommend David Crane to everyone.

Ian Delahunt, Educator and Coach

Hi my name is Ian Delahunt and I’m an English language teacher. Everyday I stand in front of a class. Often do presentations and I talk to them. But I found working with Dave’s take me up to completely higher level.

I’m always looking to improve so I found the courses with Dave’s have been fantastic.
I feel much happier presenting at conferences I feel more confident.
I engage much more with the audience.

Dave taught me some great stage craft the techniques I’ve improved overall.
It’s fantastic!

I completely recommend working with Dave and it’s great fun you’ll enjoy yourself.

So thanks very much Dave.

Thank you!

Kat Kinsella, Speaking Coach

Hi my name is Kat. I train and coach people to present. So, I took Dave’s course to learn more about stagecraft and how to help people overcome their anxiety.

I got that and I got much much more. I have become far more skilled in my own presenting skills a lot more confident in talking about myself in public and I’ve been able to watch other people grow and overcome their fears while learning tips and techniques and strategies.

This has been well worth it.

I highly recommend you take this course

Dalbir Channa, Access Consciousness Coach

Dave Crane's Career Experience.


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