06 Aug 2018

Ready, Aim and Fire

Now, most people exercise a thing called ready, aim, fire. Aware of that when you see a Robin Hood movie or you see somebody aiming on a movie that is ready aim, fire.

Now in life, most people don’t fire they spend my entire life aiming and never taking that shot. So, here’s a different way of doing in this is the way that I do it, ready, aim, fire is the norm. Ready, fire, aim is the way that I do it. So, you get ready, bang! Whoa!

Now, I’ve fired my bullets. It’s gone over there. It hit the wrong target but from there I can measure the speed it goes with trajectory, the pull, the hole that it makes so that means that for my second shot I can go bang and I hit it second time because now I was able to aim having taken the shot,

So, I don’t waste my time aiming I’ll do a certain amount of preparation but I’ll go for it anyway.

Now, this is why I’d advocate because nowadays things are so fast that if you wait to see how things will pan out before you do anything then often you find it even missed your opportunity and in terms of mindset and talking to an audience. What if I don’t know how to work an audience properly I’ll wait until then you often don’t get that opportunity you are creating your best possible brand by talking on stage.

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