12 Jul 2018

Public Speaking Vs Social Media

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. Did you know that there’s a real correlation between a fear of public speaking and a fear of using social media. It’s all about expressing yourself, all that talking about yourself and the same grassroots problem starts come from an expression and a self esteem and self confidence about what you have inside being of interest to anybody else.

So how do you work this?
How do you make it better or very simply have one phrase in mind what’s in it for me, not you then think about what’s in it for them. When you start your communication, I guarantee when you do that when you stop talking about yourself so much, you stop talking about how your stuff is better than everybody else’s you start talking about the benefits that people will have from working with your brand, communicating with you or paying more attention to the things you say.

With that in mind, your whole business can change all the way rounds are you find more success. I’ll be sharing more tips of you in the future. Meanwhile, give me your comments and have an amazing day!

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