12 May 2017

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Good Morning!

It’s me Dave Crane. life of everybody at the shangri-la Hotel got the net get arrested MP should be rid of those cells going but anyway twitch egg relax never dad let me give you the view but I’m looking out here as I good it and just behind me if I can just turn around there in the pool got my beautiful wife and daughter do the wave Maya there we go and everyone else is chilling which is rather cool I wanted to share with you today an idea about work-life balance because I’ve not done any broadcasting for a little while not taught anybody for a little while I’m sorts of people otherwise I’ve imprisoned or in a box or just hiding away from everybody being the most of the grumpiest motivational speaker on the planet.

So you know what when you work really really hard and I’m sure it’s true for you as well as sometimes you’re going to get the balance right which mean what you’re actually doing for your living and what you do why you go to work in the first place so I came to the conclusion or it was my wife came to the conclusion maybe she stopped working so hard maybe what you need to do is have a day away and chill out and she was absolutely right so she booked this great we’ve gone away for a little while made sure that everything behind us is all cool but you know needs need to take a climber I just have a chill out and not be involved in anything apartment just quality time.
So I mean you can get back to yourself and it’s press the pause button on your life they look at view behind me actually gorgeous see that Abba Dabba epics climate justice nothing going on a parking just enjoying quality signs now there’s been loads of things that happen that I really wanted to share with you but I don’t want to talk about it. Right now because it feels like going back to work because ultimately you ask people why they go to work and it to say when I go to work earn money to pay for those progress tree well be goes to work.

So you don’t have to go to work that’s it now you want to get a job that you love at the same time you want to make sure that work my spouse is exactly the way that you wanted to be and it’s very difficult especially challenging terms like this to get that work-life balance exactly if you truly wanted to. Now my public speaking business really well as you probably installing on LinkedIn and so on as a direct result of that I’m basically clients I think one of the things that made a massive difference let’s give the people like my age. Anything, the CMG’s lucky on a bit gray in the beard and everybody goes clearly had to come throughout the age of twelve is that as you get older the game changes I think that was giving a massive influx of the of people who are 45 to 50 maybe even 50 plus having a sweet spot we’re going to start their own businesses I’ll tell you why it’s because right now there’s a real drive certainly in the UAE goes to be where people are not doing employed for over 50 or they’re not being renewed it for over 50 now.

This is a shock it’s not a shock if you’re a millennial if you’re like 30 plus you’re going yeah well you know I can understand it while working with vancive is the cost of holding on to somebody who’s a little bit older it’s quite considerable tell you why because if you are 50 plus or about kind of age group you probably got wife or husband your kids got mortgage you’ve got lots of things that you’re paying for on a regular basis now this has to is sustained by your job ultimately whatever comes in goes out to all that now the company’s trying to streamline is trying to cut down and all its overheads and they want to have somebody doing the job who might not be as good as the big boss other the upper management.

But can learn on the job well my case you’re going to look to us getting somebody there’s a little less experience but made it for Half Price so that seems to be assault current thing is happening so a lot of my friends they’re sailing around and we’re really worried about where they’re going to go next but hope is on the way I’m driving now to teach everybody as much as possible how to create your brand how to get involved in a public speaker now why some thinking about excuse me why is sneezing important bless you thank you life sneezing important most public sneezing important reason public speaking is important I think it’s a number one way.

But you can grow your brand by making a conversation with people around I think that when it comes to lots of other ways which are of course very useful like blogging even video blogging like this and they’re very useful because we allow people to see you and to understand your message there’s nothing compared to being in front of a live audience where they have no choice but to pay attention to you.

You can then use the content to drive people to your future events you can sell stuff at the event you also get content in shared on stage and you can use it to be monetized either sell the video or getting a travel slide or so on so there seems to be something up most people will be interested in David you know you do this for a living why would anybody else want to do because I think that’s it so anybody is Tiffany or 50-plus heading towards that age group in fact I think that this is a way that it’s going to go for a lot of people you’re going to end up becoming consultants and seeing what you did before but pretty much on your own so that’s okay you pay your bills.

But the thing is you’ve got the ability to keep this going now until the day you decide to retire if you ever decide to retire and the more you do of it the more you become seen as an expert so if you’re in the more respect comes in and the more people want to work with you as you grow your brand now the way this works is very simple it’s like the it’s like a joke about you missing a cartoon about the two people put it on their training shoes and there’s a lion or a bear coming towards them. And one of them says everyone says you know what why you why you’re bobbing for blocking your training shoes. They’re going to outrun a bear it says I don’t need to I read of the agency for outrun you.

So what we’re talking about is if the world becomes full of consultants I’m not saying it’s going to be exactly like that there’s a trend that’s coming along if everyone becomes consultants. You’ve to sleep better than the consultants around you be able to learn from it. People look around them to judge you on a couple of different factors it turn out and say well why, should I pay for this guy.

Ask your patients woman or she knows what she’s talking about and I don’t think there’s anybody else that sets up a bracket will be able to take care of the business as well as them if I can get something cheaper I would do if you look at their credentials. You look at the video and look at all the things like that well that’s pretty much better than all the other guys. Yeah, there might be alright but if you want to take a risk you know I’ve been on Google got shortlisted to five people this one comes up top of rock scene because they made a bigger brand for themselves online.

Let’s give them a call and then it’s yours to lose now a lot little don’t feel comfortable but it – doing video and then doing blogs all the rest of it it’s a case of fracturing it. And if you don’t want to do it when you don’t do it I think those people are going to be successful are going to be able to do.

Well, I know what people say when it comes to see me about public speaking I say Dave as a real issue when it comes to actually my accent people can’t explain what I’m saying or when I’m talking I feel really nervous or what if it all goes wrong these are all tricks. And things that you can learn as far as things like action goes if you’re giving great concepts of people love what it is that you’re talking about.

They don’t care all your accent is like as long as you can teach them something along that going along and the leave ’em of more than the arises as the things like what if it all goes wrong where you take steps to make sure that you. You are covered I didn’t event on is actually an avid a be on Thursday and I drove down there and as I arrived what most was my 45 minutes lot was cut to 30 minutes. They can he do 30 minutes in front of our audience of 800 or people effect. It’s on my Facebook page if you want to have a look at it. It was done live on Facebook’s that had a few clips on it oh but you’ll see is a brand new presentation I wheeled out that’s going unstoppable at work.
Actually, it’s quite related to this subject and so I had to go from 45 minutes to 30 minutes now from a technical point of view I’ve made you going to cut out a whole lot of stuff and he goes we’re going to cut it out on the fly you really have this keep an eye on the timing. And luckily, add a clock in front of me and I have to judge when I was halfway through I should be halfway through my flight and when I’m getting to the last 18 seconds. I should be regular finish off because last thing I want to do is overstay my welcome and have somebody make it clear to me. But they want me off the stage you’ve gotta be disciplined and you also got to look after the people who are looking after you.

If they find that you only the stage but be mostly they won’t want to get you back again and won’t recommend you to other people so all the time does things like being thrown at you that you can and can’t deal with a member. I did an event for glaxo smithkline in Sharm el-sheikh in Egypt and I presently work from a Mac as in a Macintosh not a lot PC. The five most expensive thing agencies have boots up and also they can update in the middle of your speech Shutterstock easily see where the Mac is relatively easy even though everybody gets grumpy about the connection so I was there my Mac and we’re getting onstage at 10 o’clock. I arrived at a socotra stir everything up make sure the slides work, the videos all connected the sounds perfect and then just sat down and waited for my son’s decodable stage. There were 800 people all in the audience waiting for all the presentations to go through including mine but I was kinda came up to do my speech. I gotta say ladies and gentlemen start was still going what I realized was that my match has gone into sleep mode. That’s all right, loose it up again so when it goes into sleep mode what happens is instantly it saves your file but without the video attached to it. So a young lady who’s looking after all the engineering and all the different presentations started the recovered version lot of proper version which has a video. They were somewhere for a video breaks nothing happens, so I asked her to do again nothing happened I had to restart it and do it again. Nothing happened. The business front of a live audience and then what did she do well she’s have a grumpy or embarrass or could be bothered.

So then she shut some, I’m sad. Presentation, so stuffy event holding slide and leave me dangling in front of a live audience for about 65 minutes to make it up. As I go a lot to do it hundred percent it built announced it was amazing positive I’m not saying for the aggregate point of view because I know my material and you can be ready to deal with stuff and sometimes your best presentations are the ones you have lived.

You should be talking about subjective you know it really well. And this case is interesting, like this it’s fascinating to you and you want to hear more. I don’t want to know how you can build your brand and become a speaker food and maybe we should have these conversations more.

Contact me through my email or get off me release them and it story questions at me I’m always happy to chat to people. If you want social coaching let me know about that as well. Meanwhile, that’s it that’s my one or bit of work what message to my daughter Maya. I really come for me baby.

You enjoy your day!

Actually being taller but you could slow there which is behind me swimming away waiting for daddy to catch up. So with that, bombshell I’m going to get my drugs done no you’re not going to see it. It’s pretty horrible!

I’m going to enjoy the rest of the day.
Take it easy.
I’ll sort you soon but the love enjoy your long weekend back.

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