17 Oct 2018

JOB HUNTING TIP3: Maybe you are chasing

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and if you’re looking for work and it’s becoming frustrating maybe it’s time now to stop looking for that job. Maybe it doesn’t suit you. Here’s how you find something that will keep you engaged and successful throughout your entire life.

Four circles. This one at the top, what are you potentially the best in the world at doing. What you brilliant at doing? Next
circles, this one what you’re passionate about doing that you never get bored, you could do it all day. And over here, what does the world want what does the world need. Want is more important. And last one here is what will the world actually pay for.

You might be great to something but nobody wants it and it might be something you’re really good at but you don’t love it. It might be something you love and you’re good at but nobody has an interest in getting you there.

When you get all of them, you’re in the center.
That’s the job you really want.

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