15 Oct 2018

JOB HUNTING TIP: If you are searching for work don t make it your status

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and the biggest mistake that people make when they’re looking for a job over open to an
opportunity is to place that as their status. It’s like putting an albatross around your neck never tell people because they don’t want to hire you. When you’re desperate, they’re gonna pick you and headhunt you from an existing job and then you’ve got the ability to make demands and how much we’re going to pay you.

So, create a phantom project, a Trojan horse projects, something that gets things done illustrates your very top skills but maybe the only difference is you’re not being paid for it. People are interested you plucking out of a job that exists and getting you into earth of their company. They don’t have to deal with all your headaches, your hangups and your worries and insecurities.

I’m not saying that they’re not valued. I’m not saying you’re not valued. If you really want to be chosen, make it look like you’re already working and then approach people.

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