18 Oct 2018

JOB HUNTING TIP 4: Do it yourself

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and I came to a conclusion many years ago that I didn’t want to be employed by people. Why would I? Somebody tells me when I’m good, when I’m bad. They choose how much money I can earn. They decide when they can promote me or they can demote me or they can get rid of me and my whole family has to be dependent on them, having a good day or a bad day, no way!

I made a different decision. I wanted to be in charge of me. So, I stopped looking for jobs over 20 plus years ago. Since then I’ve always
created the work that I want to do so I never feel that I’m stressed working for somebody else. I always feel I’m doing the stuff that I
truly want to do and those things people will pay for.

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