15 Aug 2018

Job Hunting Is A Number Game

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. I want to give me an insights if you’re currently looking for a job and you’re worried because let’s face it, it’s a hard world out there. When it comes to putting your met, your name down and putting together your CV and setting after lots of different places. It’s disheartening to think that nobody gets back to you or maybe you see thee isn’t good enough I mean the jobs already gone before you get there or maybe the salary is gonna change when you go into the interview and the people in the interview won’t like you.

You know what sub them all have you know they you’re as good as you need to be if you don’t get that job this is a big numbers game. Let’s face it you’ve got a CV, if you’ve optimized it. So, it’s pretty good for the jobs that you’re going for there may be three times, out every time every hundred times you send it, you get a job interview that means 97 times you don’t get anything. You don’t hear back. Nobody speaks to you. You feel bad but here’s a way it works and Jack Canfield use this system for being able to get his book out to be successful and the chicken soup of assault books would not exist if not for this. I was saying of Alan Pease, he said the same thing about his body language books when he brought them out there.

You go around and he kiss a lot of frogs ultimately and so you get one that turns around and says yes every time you send out a hundred CVs, you get three women say yes. Well, therefore send out a thousand CVs, you get 30 interviews. 30 interviews you can cherry pick what you want but here’s a really good tip, when you do that remember to keep notes of every single thing that you do and you can tick them off.

It’s a numbers game. If you know you get response of a hundred, you get three back tweak it find out what it is that you need to do that works really well for these jobs and see if we can get the odds bigger and better.
When you work out then you’ll be able to get just terrific results you want and the interviews you want as well.
It’s a numbers game. It’s not just about you it’s about that and sometimes if we don’t choose you that’s we’ll look out.

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