10 Sep 2018

Influencing Branding

Hi. I’m David Crane. I’ve just literally finished with another of my public speaking groups. All of them have gone
from a massive fear of public speaking.

So, now being able to go out adlib Hollenshead talk engage any size of audience anywhere and think on their
feet. So, people say to me okay that’s one thing but you know what I don’t really interact with people my business. I don’t know how to be a public speaker but don’t really need to know how to be a public speaker and I think that the thing that you do and the reason that you do it is you need to have the edge.

You need to have an edge on your competition needs have an edge and what’s going on in the market and you never know. All it takes is for one person in your industry maybe you’re a plumber, maybe you’re a graphic designer. I don’t know what it is you do for a
living but since somebody goes out there and starts making videos and really positions themselves as an expert on it.
You’ve got competition and they will take everything so therefore you have to learn to speak. You have to learn to be able to create your brand. If you haven’t do that. Haven’t done that. Then, you haven’t done anything so work it out.

Get out there. Start public speaking. Start creating your brand and therefore nobody be able to take it away from you.

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