Have an evening full of fun and laughter presented by an amazing hypnotist

Date: 14 December, 2019
Venue: Dubai World Trade Club, Dubai
Time: 4 pm to 8 pm

Price: AED 150

Why Choose To Be Hypnotised? Let Dave Crane Explain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is hypnosis originally from?

Ancient Egypt (houses of Sleep) and India

Why should I do it?

Problem-solving therapy and also great for relaxation and mindset change.

Have I been hypnotized before?

Yes, we are all hypnotized when driving, watching TV, sports, music, making love, shopping, just like daydreaming.

Is it magic?

No, it is science-based. Just about the power of suggestion & the subconscious mind.

Who can't be hypnotized?

Anyone who can’t concentrate (EG drunk, drugged, mentally unstable) or doesn’t want to be.

What if it doesn't work on me?

No problem, just sit down and try again next time.

Any practical uses?

Personal well being. Stop smoking, lose weight, deal with stress, sleep better, better motivation, better sporting achievements, learn more, overcome childhood issues, fears, phobias, and stuttering.

Any professional uses?

Dentistry, police witnesses, painless childbirth, etc.

Why volunteer?

15 minutes of hypnosis is like 4 hours of deep sleep. Plus, it’s fun on stage, even better than being in the audience. Those who take part will leave feeling ready to party for the rest of the night.

Are they really asleep?

Not asleep, hyper awake, just completely relaxed and feeling wonderful. They are aware of everything and feeling great with fewer inhibitions.

What if I don't wake up?

Simple. You will drift into sleep or open your eyes after 5 minutes of not hearing my voice.

Can I do it on my own?

Yes, ALL hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Just follow the instructions and you will also be able to access this wonderful state whenever you want to.

Can I reveal any secrets?

Nope, you can still lie in hypnosis, plus I won’t embarrass you in any way. It’s all about having fun.

Who Should Volunteer?

- No volunteers will never be asked to do anything that is offensive either to themselves or anyone else.
- Everything is done with good clean fun in mind.
- I never have and never will use stooges, or hired participants.
- What takes place is a very real scientific phenomenon.

- You still have to see it to believe it.
- Anyone from any background or spiritual belief can enjoy it.
- Many of the participants find their part in the show to be so relaxing and refreshing that they often look forward to volunteering, again and again, returning at the next possible opportunity.

Routines Incuded

Many of the routines involve banding, music, and laughter. Nothing is offensive to any audience, spiritual belief or cultural upbringing.

- Orchestra.
- Movie Auditions.
- The Lost Dog.
- Back to School.
- Cheerleaders.
- World Boxing Champion.
- The Grand Prix
- Martian Marriage.
- World’s Greatest Dance Troupe.
- And many more…