03 Aug 2018

How to stop tough life lessons

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. Now, if you’re worried about what’s gonna happen next in the future, coming episode of your life, business-wise relationship wise, health-wise. Here’s what you have to do, ask yourself a question what’s the worst thing that could happen to me.

Could you get really ill?
In which case, what you didn’t need to do to protect yourself. Go and get checked out.

Could you lose your job?
In which case, have you already got other things in place. Other plans, people you’ve connected with on LinkedIn who could be able to help you out if things went down.

If your relationship folds a bit. How would you be able to deal with it? Can you put things in place? Now, there’ll be a safety net or maybe you can rescue your relationship before things go south. Think about all those different factors and not only what happens is you take away the danger that looming threat that
shadow over your head about what could happen.

We can also come up with some really good solutions to prevent the problem because before it becomes a big one.

So, ask yourself that very simple question what’s the worst thing you could happen.
Write down a list of everything then write out what you need to do to fix them right now.

And before you know it, the skies are clear you got plain sailing and you can enjoy every day without having to worry about some horrible things coming in to get you.

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