09 Aug 2018

How to avoid Death by PowerPoint AND get that sale

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and often people say to me, what should he put into a presentation especially if it’s a PowerPoint presentation? Well, I’d always say avoid death by powerpoints. Keep it very simple. Have one idea per slide and make a big fat picture of whatever it is.

You want to have as an idea and maybe just one line, one sentence illustrating exactly what the point is meant to be. If you have a charts and you have bullet points of all these things going on. You know what happens you’ve got all this stuff, you talk all that stuff and they retain zero. None of it. It’s too much you’ve bombarded by too much information and so you end up getting nothing across and after a while people will zone out and even wasted your time, their time and if you’re trying to sell something, it’s
not gonna happen.

Keep it simple. Keep it simple stupid but keep it so simple that they get it. They can react to it and then you can sell it.

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