21 Aug 2018

Give Them Value Before Asking

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and you’re probably the same position as me when you connect with some your LinkedIn. A large percentage of the minute that you connect start trying to sell you something, send you my CV, the bloody job then give it to me. I love your company. Please give me a job or even oh very interested, have you planned for the future? blah.. blah.. blah.. Hold on. Before you start selling to me, give me some value. Why should I work of you? Why should I want to recommend you to other people if you can’t know the answer to that?

Before you start selling at me then how can I pass it on to anybody else. It’s like going to a party if you walk around
a party handing out business cards trying to sell to everybody at the party without having fun I’m creating a relationship of everybody nobody’s gonna want to talk to you. When you walk around the room will be a big hole around you where people will just keep their distance and not just a single word you say. Now, I know times can be tough and they can be desperate and you’ve got numbers that you’ve gotta hit and you’ve got to do certain things to get that job. It’s not gonna be pestering everybody create value.

Have you asked this question, what can I do for you think about that what can I do for you? Because most people when you do something for them, they’ll want to do something back. I’m not saying you should know exactly what that is right.

Now, but if you’re going to contact people, think about what thing you can give to them that’s of value that’ll make them want to do something back in turn for you.

That will raise your game. That’ll raise the percentage of responses that you get.
I’ll help you get your job, get new clients, get the sales and make it happier life.
Trust me. That’s what I do.

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