08 Aug 2018

Getting Started

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and I’m 50. I look back at my life, I look that yet and I think you know what when I was younger I was waiting with somebody, it’s her now to say you know what this guy’s brilliant. Let’s elevate and let’s give an opportunity to become really famous really successful. I’m really rich when I was on the radio is waiting for opportunity to come look at me, look at me and doing all this stuff what has anybody picks up on me, hats and then I realized much later it’s never gonna

You won’t get anything in your life unless you create it yourself but you know what, what’s great about that is those exactly the rules that you should want those are the ways that life should be. You should be able to go out there and create your own destiny. Dry the things that truly important to you and have the success that you want because you’ve generated it. Do you know why that’s important because then nobody can take it away from you if you know how to make happiness come. If you know how to make your own income. You know it’s about your friends, your family create your life purpose. If you not have to have the job that makes you want to get out bed every single morning. So, it’ll feel like a job.

If you know how to have incredible relationships and look after your health then why would you need anybody else to give it to you. You can recreate it. You can share with others and you have the best day every single day.
Now, I mention a lot of different things how can we start this thing.
How can we make it start and change our life straightaway?
Google how to be happy. It’s a great starting point.
All the rest will fall into place after that.

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