07 Aug 2018

Feeling unappreciated underused unwanted

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. I want you to ask yourself this question, now, what are your strongest beliefs? What is it that drives you on a daily basis to do what you think that you do? Do you believe that you can change it? Do you believe in the world a better place? Do you believe that whatever you are is or you’re gonna end up being right?

At the very end of your days, whatever your belief system is maybe it needs changing, maybe it needs tweaking, maybe what you need to do is Google belief systems and see what it is it’s driving you because certainly the most important things you have to have a ones are useful for you.

So many beliefs that we have were created by our friends, our family, created by our culture, our religion, our spiritual system, our country for news, for politicians. How many of them are actually yours? Do you have any of your own beliefs and if you don’t or maybe he needs to have them otherwise you’ll flip around taking on everyone else’s ideas about truly knowing what it matters to you and what does life matter to you.

Wherever the answer is, is part of your belief system. Take some time.
Have a think about it.
What do you believe in?
What do you think is really strong important to you but makes you the real you and if so once you’ve worked it out, can you do more to enhance it or do you need to change it because it’s not serving you well.

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