davecraneHi I’m Dave Crane

Imagine your next event…

It could be a world beauty championship, a global sporting event, a rock concert, a press conference, a sales kick off, an industry get-together, a networking evening, a staff teambuilding, a corporate gala dinner, an awards ceremony, a family fun day, a product launch or a live TV show.

It may even be an intimate MICE event for VIP decision makers.

The list is endless, but one thing is universal.

So much is invested in getting it right.


You have the best venue, the most relevant audience, the right sponsors, the most action packed schedule, the stage is set, the sound and light have been installed and tested perfectly, the catering is delicious and the logistics are running smoother than silk.

It’s your baby.

It’s your most important contribution to the industry calendar that will position your organization as the best in the business.

Once the doors open people will pour in and the coverage will be worldwide across social media as influencers, sponsors and bloggers share their experiences with thousands or even millions of interested followers.


How much have you invested in this to be a complete success?
100,000 USD?

500,000 USD?

10,000,000 USD?

It has to work from planning, to set up to execution and removal.

On time, every time.

No mistakes.

No surprises.

No last minute mishaps.

That’s the dream.

But nothing ever goes like that.

An event is like a living creature,

It has to be fed, nurtured, trained and encouraged to bring out the very best of everything.

That’s why you need a strong host.

The very best.

Things do go wrong and you risk the whole thing crumbling without a strong MC/Host and his team running the proceedings.

That’s why people hire Dave Crane.

After over 40+ years onstage, we have hosted some of the world’s biggest and most premium events.

  • Opening Planet Hollywood with Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Amitabh Bachchan.
  • Hosting Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens for 17 years.
  • Samsung International Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup.
  • The World Beauty Championship.
  • World Club Rugby Tens.
  • Speedcar Series.
  • The Legends Rock Dubai Past Masters Tennis.
  • Rumble In The Desert Boxing.
  • Desert Rock and Rhythm Festivals.

Numerous conferences, rock concerts, industry events, gala dinners and premium occasions.

We have worked with some of the world’s biggest names from James Brown, Robert Plant and Sting to Hrithik Roshan, Kanye West and Enrique Iglesias.

Our corporate clients include all the major banks, airlines, credit cards, IT companies and household names.

We can bring an MC team who will look after all elements of continuity, commentary, music, games, presentations and online media creation.


Most of all, we bring certainty.

The certainty that everything will be all right on the night regardless of any world card random factors that may hit.

Yes, we include complete power failure, torrential storms, no show entertainers, sponsor meltdowns and hostile takeovers.

We have dealt with them all …and more.

You cannot afford NOT to hire us for your MC/Host.

Once we start talking, you can relax and know that you have hired the safest hands.

Let’s talk today.

Time to take your event to a new level…

Click the videos below to see some sample of our work…

What Do You Want?

In order to tailor-make the best solution for you, we need to know the following details:

  • Date of event (tentative)?
  • Duration Required (30 minutes – 3 days)?
  • Type of event (team-building, keynote, awards, concert etc)?
  • Industry and market?
  • Number of audience?
  • Demographics of attendees?
  • Business expertise level of audience?
  • Objectives of event?
  • Maximum affordable investment?

Conference MC/Host

Take your audience to a new level of responsiveness with constant engagement from welcome speech to closing credits.

We guarantee success.

Options Include:

  • Ice Breakers
  • Motivational Keynote Speaking
  • Entertainment Options
  • Comedy Stage Hypnosis shows
  • Game Shows
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Q&A Facilitation

Our Guarantees To You.

  • Creating mind blowing experiences.
  • Attracting new ultra-responsive clientele.
  • Branding and embedding your ‘WOW’.
  • Increasing productivity and sales, employee engagement, staff retention.
  • Boosting everyone’s  ‘can do mentality’.

Why you need to hire Dave Crane…

  • An entertainer who has reached over 8 billion TV viewers in his career.
  • The winner of the Al Arouwad MTV award as best motivational speaker in the Middle East and North Africa region.
  • A former radio station manager, award winning radio presenter, TV host, best selling recording artist and author.
  • Ex BBC journalist, conference host (keynote, ice-breakers, Q & A sessions, sales training) guaranteeing total audience engagement and overjoyed sponsors.
  • Event planner, accommodating last minute changes, making tweaks for optimizing your events in real time and constantly updating you on potential pitfalls and suggested improvements as they occur.
  • 100% professional with impeccable references and a world class MC team at your disposal.
  • Name recognition, social media influencer and video blogger.
  • Worked alongside entertainment legends like James Brown, Amitabh Bachchan, Bruce Willis, Robert Plant, Slash, Sylvester Stallone, Sting and Enrique Iglesias.
  • Host of globally televised sporting events like Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens, World Club Rugby 10’s, Samsung Intercontinental Cup Beach Soccer, F1 Speedcar Series, The Legends Rock Dubai Tennis, World Beauty Championship with audiences of over 45,000 attendees.
  • Conference host, leadership and keynote speaker with global brands across 5 continents.
  • Cabaret performer with sell out shows of comedy stage hypnosis show in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Dubai.
  • Certified hypnotherapist, NLP Master practitioner, NLP Lifecoach and Panic healer.
  • Online influencer with over 100,000 strong database across all platforms and an online TV show with interviews with guests like Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Dr John Gray and David Allen, and viewers in 144 countries.
  • 100% Guaranteed success at your special event.

So what does a great MC do that a good MC
doesn't know about?

Engaging the audience. This isn’t just reading a script, this is about ‘going on a date’ with the attendees and driving home the message that ‘You are in safe hands’. Games, ice-breakers, anecdotes, live surveys, impromptu interviews are all essential parts of the tool-kit for a great MC bringing their A-game to a world-class event.

Gauging the energy. Long sessions, intensive sessions and boring sessions are all part and parcel of the international conference. Some speakers nail it first time. Others read their slides out loud. Some turn up having just been made unemployed on the flight over and ask the auditorium for a job mid-presentation (true). Regardless, of what the stage throws at you, you have to clean the audience’s emotional palette and prepare the way for the next speaker to deliver their best.

See the delivery of everything from the audience’s point of view. You are a journalist and should therefore have an insight into what the attendees want to hear from each speaker. If the speaker doesn’t deliver completely, you have to ask tough questions after their presentation. If an audience member starts hijacking the flow with their own agenda (plugging their own business, intimidating the speaker, ranting etc) you have to forcibly, but politely remove their soapbox.

Represent the event. Your job is to MAKE THE EVENT memorable NOT YOU. Fill the gaps selflessly. If you have the audience at fever pitch and the CEO decides to take the microphone and host the rest of the event themselves (yes they do that too), you smile politely, hand over the microphone and stand within support distance waiting to catch them if they stumble and fall like a toddler taking first baby steps.

Work on the event organizers objectives before you begin. Ask for them. There are always standard objectives to consider. Ensuring the conference is actually as good as it claims to be, sponsor mentions, timekeeping, engagement levels, keeping the subject matter on track, social media moments, up-selling products, gala dinners, next years event, brochures, satisfaction surveys etc.

What Others Have To Say

Katherine McIntosh, Founder of the No Judgment Diet

I’m here in Dubai with the number one Mr. Dave Crane and I’m telling you… He is such an inspiration. I met him back in May and he just touched me immediately.

Dave knows how to control room, control crowd, inspire them, make them laugh. Do it with humor but most importantly have them walk away with some things that they can start implementing right away.

Dave touched me immediately and i’m walking away with some tools, more tools in my pocket that I’m gonna implement in my business and my life.

I highly recommend Dave. He’s an incredible coach and just by the few conversations I’ve had I see the certain areas of my life that I’m going to tweak just a little bit all in Dave Crane style and he’s an amazing person and hire him.

Ruben West, Lead Trainer at the Black Belt Speakers

Hey, this is Ruben West I’m from the USA but I’m here in Dubai. And I just got a chance to hear, speak and meet Dave Crane. And what I can tell you is he is amazing, that he has an ability to engage the audience and connect with people and it almost seems like he does it effortlessly.

And what was really funny is at the end we were waiting to talk to him and I went up to tell him that there was a part of his message that I felt like he was speaking exactly to me.

But what was amazing is somebody else was waiting to tell the same thing and they were talking about a different part of the message.

If you’ve not gotten a chance to hear Dave Crane speak or train or coach or do his thing, I suggest that you do because he is amazing.

Thanks Dave!

Walid Saab, Management Consultant

I highly recommend Dave Crane because he has helped me to boost my confidence in delivering sales presentations in client pictures and just a manager room full of people and leave a lasting impression.

Dave Crane's Career Experience.

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