17 Aug 2018

End Limiting Beliefs Now

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. I’m 50 years old I’ve had a lifetime of people telling me, you can’t do this, oh you can’t do that, who’s gonna be interested in your stuff?, and you know what I want to swear on all those people because I’ve done everything I wanted to do. I’m not saying it from an arrogant point of view. I’m saying it because I want you to feel the same way throughout your entire life.
If you look at people telling you, it can’t be done. You got people saying to you that you’re not good enough or that somebody else is better you’ve had the entire system at school sharing of you but this kid over there got better grades, so therefore their life should be better than yours. Who says it should be?

We’re in a world now, where the education system has no idea but it’s 200 years out of whack. We go for a change in the Industrial Revolution that means that the things that we perceive to be a job will no longer be the same things anymore. Automation, robotics, artificial intelligence will knock a load of industries on its head and only you will survive because you’re thinking differently the way that you will were.
When you were very small and he believed in yourself is exactly a way that will keep you all the way through your life surviving and remaining a success don’t let anybody tell you, it can’t be done. What they’re really saying is they can’t do it.

I believe you can do it. I believe you are just snipping at the top of the iceberg of the success levels that you can truly have the world is wide open to new ideas are most people following old routines, old solutions from old industries.

Ultimately, it’s all about people you understand, people find those people and those are the people that should be buying from you.
So, what is it make you sell them?

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