16 Aug 2018

Effective Communication

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and I help people to be able to sell so have to think differently and also to be able to do public speaking.

Why because I think they have the most important tools that you’re gonna need in the brand-new work industry every single part of work is going to be automated some more than others. Some industries are gonna disappear completely because they’ll have algorithms artificial intelligence robotics and different systems in place of it.

Don’t need you so where does that leave a gap for you well very simply communicating becoming an experts and understanding people. That’s something that a machine or an algorithm will never get their head around. The more you learn the more powerful that you are and the more you can communicate more people
will want to spend with you.

That’s why I train people to do public speaking it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. There’s no matter how effective you are. It all comes down to the most important parts of it communicating with your audience. So they get what it is that you do if you don’t communicate at all you might as well say nothing.

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