09 Aug 2019

Dubai Motivational Speaker

Last five questions, last team win the prizes go through to the finale I’ll tell you what that is a little bit later on. But right now, anybody could win their you think you could win we’ll find out as we go to question number one.

Hi I’m David Crane, I’d like to work with you on your events. How you feel it all your staff came out saying that the best thing ever. We love you..Were loyal..We want to be forever! And all your audience’s saying that was fantastic let’s spend as much money with you as we possibly can.

Next time and your sponsors feel so gratified and so happy that they sign up to be with you forever. This is very possible. Think about this, how would your world change of every single time you didn’t event you’re guaranteed an amazing results. Well yeah, yeah, we get the audience to do this. And talk about being the world’s biggest ever mannequin challenge. And if all yells fail, you can even hypnotize them too.

All the best!

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