18 Aug 2019

Dubai Motivational Speaker Dave Crane Daily Motivation: The Future is here already

Hi, it’s me Dave Crane. I have been going live for a while, actually it’s the first time you’ve seen me quite some time. I don’t think hear me I’m down here at gigantic shopper and we’re going to be on the main stage. I see you might be able to see if it’s in like that see when my fingers pointing, we also most think if it’s kind of whip we’ll walk over there and you’re welcome to join us there around three four days and I’m looking after the team on the main stage ribbiting virtual reality and one of the things that occurred me. If you by the way big fan of the Virgin Radio now these are the guys they’re bred flights on at the moment. Let’s go a little bit closer. It’s got multicolored hair, they got showbiz for you those he was great and so I’m right here looking around you can have a good view of this take a look around here.

Now this is early days this is relatively quiet the dough goes crazy so many bargains in fact next door they’ve got a big promotion on where all these brands I’ve got eighty percent off. And it’s just like a bloodbath in there because these are going crazy things. Yeah, yeah hold my kid I might come back that looks a really cute pair of socks one Jeremiah blue I look through feet or maybe don’t say like that is kind of cool. Now, what we’ll need to talk about is Liza seek to be the future of the web technology let’s take a little walk up to my standards but the only place I can say safe I’m not to worry about anything. So as far as the speech is concerned let’s just talk about the technology now I’m looking after this gear from HTC and as I take you around about the back here. I’ll show you this isn’t the paddle, this paddle works the gut it works as a paddle they were to the paintbrush which there’s a lot of different things when he put the virtual head salon. Then the world changes I can’t even tell you what you’re looking on our YouTube is how most immersive. This is they get immersed into this different worlds and we’re hoping hear me who are the loads of the background there it’s still early doors it’s still crazy look down here and that’s got a days could be even worse.

So, but way that it’s going to go it’s right now you can put the headset I think it play a game like being harry potter you play a game like being in Star Wars or shooting all these aliens it was exciting wonderful experience. But I don’t think that that’s what it’s going to end up being used for yes good as a gaming tools module investigating pool I’ve ever experienced I think that what people going to deal with it still sell the Millennials to. Let’s face it I’m not having to go through our millennial Alex seals a gray hair I’m not Morgan Freeman but I have been around a little while and for my background is the case that if you want something go out and get it.

So the biggest problem I hear the feel of my age which is hahaha about people who are in their twenties is they don’t want to get up and get it we’re in their life where Facebook is the way that they communicate. And the world that are actually chatting to you and doing pleased with doesn’t really go out and do much of anything. But I think virtual reality is going to take that even one step further because you learn finish work I’m going to go home I’m a chill out of my dogs around and my wife had my kitty maybe thought that couple of friends if we’ve got so sure. I plan so pretty much I want to shut the door now how cool would it be if you can finish work and then display surely go lie on the beach how’s ridiculous we can be dog we’re going to do about t’other night or not so when you kill a headset when you got virtual reality. I’m here now you can sit down be completely immersed in a world of tranquility of sunshine if you got the breeze sets up from a signing to feel like that if you are a hater on you make it feel like it’s a warm down the beach I think literally is like that now the next stage is to making an online game.

So your friends can join you on the beach it’s not that far from where things are going to end up being and this is going to make more couch potatoes well the problem is I’m not even going to be on the couch we’re willing brother moving assault probably in their best effect potato so the whole game is going to change. So what it does change of less people want to go to work others it can be going on holiday and saying they’re like those are recalls out leaving your house. But if you could have the opportunity to be in a machine for your entire life with complete pleasure no problems no arguments you have a serious for a little while when you have time up in the real world of your financial decisions we have to worry about anything would you kill that say in that world I braised it again are you seriously if you could be in a world of your choosing but everything is exactly as wanted or be in a real world. They’re going to work really hard and nothing was utterly wanted to but its draft and conversations doing all the stuff what would you really choose to live now right now that’s not an issue. Because right now we’re all going to go out and earn a living and pay bills due up.

Again, let’s just say the game molding like that and the next 5-10 years just to say the next generation of young people coming through are going to have a wrap or a headset write the 1 I’ve got down here whichever show you is completely immersive limits planning for you there with me you’re probably getting a really horrible view up my nose I apologize for that but it is a nice nose I gave you have a look at this. This headset when you put it on reveals a brand new world so you don’t need anybody else to be involved in you can also put on the earphones and you doesn’t need to hear anything. But your favorite music or the immersive world whether it’s Star Wars or anything else would you choose to be in a real world will you choose to interrupt the people who could hurt you or would you want to stay in la la land and just enjoy the party tough dilemma what I’m thinking about all the time.

Now, yeah cuz I love I walk to the dog got all of my family blacklion questions but in this state giving up a little bit more chill that time in the country the planet you wanted and all it was a design load of a computer program would you do it that’s my question I’m invincible Facebook lives from here. Because got plenty of time we’re back on stage soon right now this stands just at the radio station on it you can have another radio station on a little bit later Callie gia what I was 6.9 that’s probably in Reverse there you go, then Arabic anything of the other guys that being on another group of going to be an excellent inhibit them and you got virgin over here playing the latest hit our nearest office of a chance. But I’ll be here are introducing you to virtual reality give me a chance to experience what it’s like to paint and play games I need to be Harry Potter I’d love you to come and join me down on Trade Center, is a gigantic shopper all three happily free to get enough some amazing bargains. And it we finally a chance to catch up I just shared the conversations answers the mate I’m going to go back to work find out where my team is gone I’ve got all the girls dressed as a storm troopers don’t ask you know like yes it was my idea we didn’t have princess lianna go bikini.
I’ll see you like the biggest, it’s all five!

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