17 Aug 2019

Dubai Motivational Speaker Dave Crane Daily Motivation: Introvert Or Extrovert?

0:00 Hello, it’s me Dave Crane.

0:24 Broadcast something on facebook

0:47 Sort of practicing what we like

1:06 Ideas that are really kind of important

2:01 Out of something by sharing too many

2:52 Motivate people for a living

3:53 Introvert, I tend to prefer to be

4:18 I generally enjoy not talking

5:10 Chill out with and share the time

5:58 As a speaker or in like as a facilitator

6:28 Version of me now why should I share it

7:05 Recharge my own batteries my own

8:07 What do you say what do you do

9:02 Be as polished as the public version

10:01 An extrovert and an introvert

11:01 Idea about when you go out in public

11:37 Well have an amazing day thank you

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