18 Apr 2017

Dubai Motivational Speaker Dave Crane Daily Motivation: Happy Happiness Day

I’m a back again, oh yes Dave Crane here and I’d like to say happy happiness day to everybody. And I should say who’s celebrating around the world will everybody should be celebrating being happy. Because that’s basically what makes you feel happy what once it is just share with you a couple of ideas about. If you’re not feeling happy today then maybe this is why cut the rules of being happy. There’s might be something you want to tag and share of your friends as well. Just in like this it doesn’t like I’m standing in a tree with a picture is showing you before. So first of all the rules of being happy for every single person who wants to be happy then here’s a bit of Twister for you. I put my glasses on, by the way certain diseases joining is that, Brian good to see you, welcome! Had it gone friday good day, since Ashley does a Friday live session. It’s really cool okay, so his rules are being happy first of all is different for every single person what makes me happy might not make you happy, I might make the next person happy being of the speak properly is another thing. I’m going to get happier but Alyssa comes down to your own individual tastes, I, legacy right secondly when it comes to happiness if you’re happy all the time then you’ll stop being happy that sounds really weird but think about it if your happiness is always being up. But that becomes the norm and when it becomes the norm if flat lines so that flat lines it means that you’ll never know any happy or not because you’re always in this state what you need to have is an up and down like that it is like a snake swimming in the water. It’s going to win but you need to be able to have it, so it goes up and down in a diagonal like this. So therefore you can tell what’s a down day but at the same time you can tell and something’s got even better because you can compare it to a damn day. I mean you never go back to that down again because it gets even better. Let’s say for instance when people are doing the job that they really love in their life.

If I chose to work in a place where I’d really hate for me because I’m not a great guy when it comes to numbers and might be working in a bank, no offense of people’s work in a bank well I might have a really good day are really bad day higher into a nice to see you. But my good day of work might never be as good as a bad they in what I do right now because I do what I love so the couple different options that allow you to create that happiness. First of all, this stuff that you love also this stuff that you good at I have made course another experts when it comes to working out what you do best. And the third thing is this stuff that people will pay you for if you get those three things together is called a hedgehog concept if you google it you get a diagram for the guy good Jim Collins who wrote two books built to last and good to great and these two books are all based on what it is item and circular see you sir. It’s all based on what makes companies last for over a hundred years think about it it’s slowly cut I mean Apple friends and the stop being around a hundred years will it last that long. I don’t know I can see a family as well but what you’ve got to do is do something that you do brilliantly. Do something at you love and something that people will want to pay for if you don’t get all three you end up with a mismatch and of course you won’t last that long so that sometimes means getting rid of things that you don’t particularly lovely you’re not particularly good at. And really holding down and focusing on what brings you happiness but people will pay for and as the more you do it the bigger and better that you become. And it also makes you bulletproof in your happiness it guarantees that as a direct result of you doing what you love every day every single day gets bigger and better and people recognize you for being good at that. And they give you more opportunities so you wake up in the morning feeling fantastic I’ve ever had those days when you wake up and you don’t want to wake up at all.

He’s got horrible things to do I got a terrible hangover I can’t help you with that but if you’ve got a terrible day ahead because you’re not doing what you love and you’re dreading it. Well, avoid them by doing stuff that you love from the very beginning I know you’re going to say well it’s not quite that easy to do it. Yes, it is business Lee has to do immediately but like anything like running a marathon or just put one foot from the other and repeat let’s see Gahan good to see and I’m going to join him. So it’s about happiness today how about all the things that make people happy now for everybody else who’s thinking about happiness. Maybe you can’t feel one hundred percent happy all the time you don’t want it lar mentioned earlier the journey is about going like that. So when are the happiest time enjoy it times in your life and how you can you create them well here’s the thing if you back at the time in your life the times you actually happiest at times when you were stretched about doing something really well. You didn’t think you’d be able to do it but somehow I managed to pull it off so for instance it might be meeting a partner what you did think they’re interested. It might be going for job interview didn’t think you’re good enough to get it there’s something you managed to do it and you managed it to get the job or it might be scoring a goal when the side is down and it looks like you’ve got no time left but somehow you wiggle through lock into the back of the net.

There’s something about hardship that makes it your best time so how can you bottle that how can it work it out. So whatever you’re really after you can have on a regular basis or first of all get-out me comfort zone things that are comfortable for you. Maybe making you happy in a kind of way but never at those massive highs that you really want to achieve on a more regular basis also it’s about tension in much of a slight tension mounted misses a rubber band.
Now, if your challenges I like a rubber band there’s two things need to watch out for if it’s got no tension there’s no interest in it if you tell you make sure you stretch it too much there’s too much tension they’ll run the risk of snapping so you want it to be always like this. So you don’t let go because little tiny fingers at the same time you feel you’ve got to keep an eye on it and that’s a true the challenges you got this something that’s not so difficult not too difficult that you won’t attempt to do it. I’m not so easy that you won’t bother making any effort do those things get out your comfort zone keep challenging yourself and as a direct result you create a little pops of happiness and as I’ve often said with life you can only truly rid life when you read it backwards. And you look at history I didn’t say our yab as a pattern there’s certain things that made sense both adults that makes sense that I look into the future because you can look into the future not really unless you’ve got a time machine in which case I need to talk to you separately to one side and let me know what’s going.

I’m going to get for Christmas that we rather cool as well so as far as the rules for happiness goes today is international happiness day I’d love your comment. So it’s going to ask today the question which is what makes you happy and I’ll get dancers but instead of ever a question which is would you prefer be Logan as in more reading Batman or Jason Bourne a Deadpool slightly more important question to me. But on the same facts talking about happiness remember that what makes other people happy isn’t going to translate to you now if you’re a very benevolent person then you want the world to be a better place but ultimately it’s all about how it fits for you. So sometimes going to be about a little bit more selfish because when you’re happy you can share that with other people as well and people love to gravitate around people are happy one last thing I’ll say about from. Hi azizah, my lovely wife is destroyed me is wondering why are you working I am working I’m just sharing how to do it Facebook broadcast.

Here’s the thing, I was going to say before the site distracted by my website Lee popping up online is when it comes to actually working out what you actually want to do on a regular basis to be happy keep moving the goalposts all the time keep doing stuff that’s uncomfortable for you but make sure that going in a direction pull. Focus on what you really want to have that life I ignore everybody else says and people say it can’t be done what the things they can’t do it not you we’re all a long time dead.

So between now and when it unfortunately happens or fortunately depending if you’re I cannot say that movie that’s very good one depending on who you are then you really want to enjoy every single day and create more happiness on a regular basis. I even not sure how to do it then please by all means contact me and I’ll send you a load of different ideas about how you can create more happiness on a regular basis now I’d love your comments on that because outside well do is for everyone makes a comment on this. I’ll send you a free gift or create more happiness and though it’s not cash, no it’s not, no I’m not something you cash okay.

So leave a comment on the bottom here about what you just make you happy and I’ll send your link to something else you’ll be able to get free the bulk help you use hypnosis and NLP to improve your happiness and share with your friends and you feel really creamy all the time.


That’s it for me, have a wonderful day!

Thank you for joining me. Share this with everybody and for me to everybody around the world happy, happy to stay and stay groovy thank you.

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