11 Apr 2017

Dubai Motivational Speaker Dave Crane Daily Motivation: GITEX Shopper LIVE

Good Morning! Here, we are guys that got me through those cranes which you’ve all that mug agreement service. Today, well just five stands right now you can see where we did with virtual realities of. It’s a little bit loud I apologize about that because my fault a great look at virtual reality if I called a lovely service down he got a mechanic because my dear, oh yeah, hold on. Let me get it now and you deserve a bit of so much better you see this plenty of a DJ you can press any button you up there are a lot of employed is that they’re going what you doing. It just because I can all right I’m in charge of virtuality. So I got HTC vive I’ll give you a crash course on how it works let me show you what the screen looks like and I’ll show you how basically I’ve got this gadget here. When you put it on your head then you fly and so literally by tilting your head left and right with a three basically where we’re going so by this slide using the screen there my decides to go looking down.

So you’re going to get airsick it flies you down close anything that’s helping my head and go there in the screen let’s see all that is that on okay I go left right and it literally will turn you down to a parrot that was completely different. Example, tower we enjoy whole experience they’re pretty good on what’s been silent good you’ll get airsick you expend much longer all right Polly ears up like this and the glasses up let’s play for a little trip as we walk around. And our first of all introducing the team that are doing with shop and win there we go as our team working really hard to say hello. There you go but it’s pretty much booked sorry why don’t you give us get more air sick it’s because if it’s done I’m going to get a new stubborn, xampp and they weren’t really hard of a shrub and wind competition you to see that there. It didn’t reverse I’m basically every night we give away 10 dell laptops and also 25,000 serum and I do the raffle and the interesting thing about it is that you do the ruffle. You realize that you’ve got about 150 people 200 people staring at you have no idea what you’re saying whatsoever. This is a view that I get when I’m insane saying right these are numbers 8 7 6 250 that’s all I get and so any place did you win big your lies and when I finish up by saying you can go home now and we go we’re start walking.

So around it the place you can see here we’ve got that as a coffee stand and there the gadgets puzzle or these incredible odds chance of a quick look at these and I’ve been on them and they’re just the most relaxing thing honestly we’ve gone for about 30 minutes or an hour or however long we’ve got I did about 20 minutes. Oh, Jimmy entire process of doing here I had to deal with something toxic will be asked me all the spectrum where you’re from her what do you do how long have you been here at all you would have to be shut up. And let me relax to a chair I thought it from a solid shaft I mean a copy shop on starbucks or something if I want to do something different just say that question it’s over so have a look around. It’s join us hello foods lately ania as well now I will take you to say the sparkle area actually going to get a karmic leader for the house do not see the gods and this carpet clean up remover is the one now and again can you see it here there you go Logging’s buggin buggin being so by the age normally both. Because I’ll get gadgets will get all this really cool things I would old bloke carpet cleaner that sounds like a night driving it doesn’t work it a lot i will show you all the very few that i guess as a wandering.
So we got it I said gosh you guys here on this side we’ve got a jacky’s electronics Oh might not go for everything because you’ll get even more boards and me because gadgets a gadget the gadgets now this is very early because right later on this place will be absolutely packed out and every single stand I’ve got people think how long will you like this we like this. And after a while useful to go please don’t touch me or I have to kill you but it’s quite early so I’ll give you the experience that’s a nice guy de story on the air you can see the netiquette base them over here you see the light stand. And this is what I call the gladiators arena you’ll understand it when I serve this camera around and start walking you should still be able to hear me. That’s a view you get as your wandering around this is relatively early it’s about eleven o’clock eleven or twelve o’clock. But this is a bloodbath concerns of shopping because everything is done I’ve got people at Jonah’s Elsa and everything else and got people let me grab you I’m gonna change up offers look at that Evan.

Go how long would you like this how I were together and I think people on commission oh they’re just really lonely anyone who told for you anyway. And after this we just wondering the shopping malls it go hello can I touch your leg so we’ve got along here we’ve got plugins this is a plug-in stem about 8 million staff of plugins got sharaf DG on this side and the world’s biggest security people I’ve been seeing that fog I would think something. They’ve played everybody to work here as well nothing now every single place has got bjs on it as well. And everyone start shouting out all the different offers for what’s available might the next 30 seconds.

You can buy a laptop cause since i’ll be there in love arjun we of course everyone runs up it buys it and then goes right wasn’t a great party was it no haha his Emacs with his massive will give any stock away every single one of them. Holding up a special offer of some description of things have been reduced our last year I was down here and I was persuaded to buy I shouldn’t really say because they’re the same bad things about brands. Toby, I was OB phone right I feel that it’s a great thing Apple start this new phone I mean Drake it is a bigger than this one. So jati three weeks three weeks later anyway if you google that you will also give up so i will give us emacs at the top there we’re going to see jumbo not everything’s probably reverse so you can’t quite see the names properly samsung this is all like a big jacket street now what happens is when you buy these bargains you also find that are you.
You have to redeem the values by going around the back another band has got all these big sack of your iTunes well the good thing about coming here is negative fumble so we buy a new laptop or your iPhone it might be really cool then you can find out how good it is. Because you know that whole load of other stuff they go find a car parking space for saying that but inside stuff in your hands weighing keep men but here we are a Jay tech shop is the subways and you’ll see you this is the view of open the burgers do crazy and we look around and see what i see are being very short it gets quite busy at me holding something you have you everything. There you go if I hadn’t made you throw up nothing’s awkward as you see jumbo juggs dear check out now nobody in a real was actually thoughts like that except on voice-overs for TV and here at Jack take cover really and Elvis for these are things all good Souls now.

So it doesn’t really count so every single stand has got somebody doing back under voiceover and offering wonderful goodies we hi good to see as well as changing cloth and if you are questioned they want me to have a look at the bargain for you let me know now. Because I’m going to go back to my son in a moment because we’re gonna do some virtual reality stuff and I just like playing games and this is it bringing value a little world as the course I’m gets being locked in the bathroom with an i5 watching game. I’m reading my magazines about me interrupted by anybody so here we are at the Samsung Stanley then take a walk back to civilization maybe I’ll pop into a food court and have a coffee. If you want to know that some bargains get down is the very last day of joy tech shocked by the way it’s one of the biggest of its kind in the world and it is crazy without the radio stations down here all of them at some point with the holes but couple and the Virgin had been blacked out here that those of us that the guys the reversion stand doing some sort of cycling competition.

We’re always guys come up am a cycle and that’s it I don’t know why they cycle but somehow they do it because it makes it feel good. I will had very toughest patients working from i stand as well I could tell you which ones we are I’ve already forgotten Googler I don’t care whether something really busy now as you can see looking around those questions are watch me go my foot I think sieve it all is that people are being good looking. So why should he come down here two things if you like a bargain and you really want to replace the goodies that maybe I’m so good out of date only on the latest models.

And also if you’re a massive fan of a walking dead and you like work it around the people look a bit like zombies possibly personal questions is top of their priority. But the idea of being a big group on a weekend and taking on something Knightly plugin have a lot of fun with laser absolutely sounds like a sobbing I can’t mention up about the thing you’re into. So this is always good to come down and chill out soft and it’s as you eat we miss you baby peleas that we will talk later and you were right about something I got.
So you want and do not right here and I’ll show you privately so jazz a shopper that by quick view if I could overview of it I’m going to go back to the virtual reality staff I go have some fun things games were given join me do we’ve got Matt rider his one would stop caricature it will be doing virtual pictures of people. So do you guys are seeing what you look like in 3d have any thought of the goggles and stepping inside your own character and that’s pretty cool as well be doing that having a lots of various games we are game called Earth space pirate trainer the parrots iris as in our got as in pieces of eight. And apparently the pirate parrot anyway we’ve got space pirate trainer and we got some great prizes to give away and the month surprises got to give away until waving yup I’ve neither have I I wish even do that as well as the amazing prizes that we got the possibilities massage chair that makes it earlier I shall have those shares like without me when you one of these then you can come down with well I mean incentive payments of many, many years you probably get that.

And they don’t get something Google me to find out now whatever you do again there’s always surprises to be handed out what the hotels do take riders home very expensive today the sort of these surprises make sure exactly flush out here by Kia to take one of his helpers but how does the smuggler help are you going to get one of these this is one of your bag I say. Although we have thought earlier without actually having some kind of map is bad or its spaceship. Okay what later on the stage so busy it’s like a soup kitchen for people who put allies out as opposed to have to do and there’s at the end of the food talk where I had to show Natalie Jackie’s.

I’ve got very cool area where we’re doing a sort of like a master chef hoping it gets really busy and it gets very noisy see and here’s the food shop with I’ll take you up to the live on-air studio at virgin radio 104 points for I didn’t see our hard-working team who are basically on bean bags all day. And then Singh very bad things about in a microwave growth could be against Andriese everybody else but then it goes with us on Facebook say hello hi hi guys yes and we developed by publication with legend radio and we are right next Tuesday who is not doing anything else yeah how much do I collapse.

There you go, so you’ve heard it from all the scene yet down there is the last day your last chance to come down if you don’t come down it’s not a problem. We won’t be offended they all get justin wibbels amazing surface of massage chairs which are really rather cool. And also a chance to say hi because I promise you this optimas yours LOL o’clock it just goes crazy was able to grab the bargain.

And you’ll see me like Elvis leave the building like that so catch elvers down here as up the couch of you I’m going to go grab a coffee and a deep breath like that and hope. We get some time on a massage chair and there’s certainly nothing happy.

So though he’s like this.

Alright, take it easy and hopefully see you down there.

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