05 Oct 2018

Confidence Is The Key – 3 Steps To Help You Feel Good Today

One of the easily available advise we all get from time to time is to be confident. People are easily attracted to and even look up to individuals who exude confidence. So what exactly is ‘being confident’?

Confidence is being aware of what your skills are, what you excel at and feeling good about it. It is the general way of being, where you are sure of your capabilities in any place at any given time. And what makes this trait so special? It is the primary attitude of an optimistic go-getter. It is the right amount of feeling right about oneself without going overboard, which makes it very different from arrogance.

There are few of those people who are so full of themselves that they put off everyone around them. Pure confidence is not about being under a false impression of being better than others but simply believing in yourself, your ability to learn and grow every day.

It’s easier said than done, isn’t it? There are many people out there who shy away from other people, situations or even from their own feelings. And why does it matter? Even the most capable ones amongst us are sometimes overwhelmed with the fear of speaking up, doing or getting things done and thus letting go of every good opportunity that comes our way.

So, is there a way to get confident? Is it really something you can work on and improve?

Yes, without a doubt!

Building up your confidence is an everyday process. You need to invest your time and show true commitment to self-improvement.

Let us take a look at a few easy tips and tricks to build your confidence –

Look your part

We often underestimate the power of dressing. Dressing your part for any event or situation is essential to feel confident. Be it a business meeting or a trekking trip, wearing the proper attire will help you feel that you are ready to tackle every bit of it.

Pump it up

Staying active always helps. It helps your physical and mental health, not to mention that you will start to look good too! Any kind of physical activity, may it be dancing, or playing sports or even hardcore gym workouts can help you build confidence to face both opportunities and adversities

Find your stance

Your body language speaks a lot more about you than you think. It is the first thing that people notice about you and hence give it the importance it deserves. Work on your posture, practice your gestures and get ready to present to the world a better version of yourself!

Do you still feel the need for a  bit of ‘professional push’ to kick-start your road to taking life head on?