10 Sep 2018

Conference Breathing Technique

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. I’m just about to host the big event. Let me just show you what I’m looking at here we are Dubai Festival Arena. See the security guys there. The briefings going on and just over here. Taxis and people are just about to arrive about two thousand people are going to come down here for a big event. And when I’m coaching people to do public speaking, one of the biggest challenges that people face is to say Dave how do you deal with nerves. Well, I don’t get nervous. I’ve gotta be honest, I do have an anticipation about what’s going to come up next but I’ve had many experiences of things going right, going wrong so I’ve got a pretty good arsenal
of ways of dealing with it but here’s a really good technique for you. If you’re thinking, oh my goodness I’ve got to give a speech I don’t know what to do I’m almost hyperventilating. It’s a really powerful way of changing your breathing. If you do it three times but it under being calm enough I have a clear head to be able to grab a microphone and think clearly concisely I get your message across.

So, first of all, what you do is take a big deep breath and you hold it for four. So you breathe in for four, then you hold it there for over seven or eight seconds and then you breathe it out for about seven seconds. So you’ll take a big deep breath one, two, do it with me big deep breath one, two, three, four. Hold it.

Two and three four five six seven eight breathe outs, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Now, you feel a bit calmer already.
If you do that three times, I won’t do it three times now because we’ve all got better things to do you’ll find it, you just calm your breathing down. Your heart rate cools down and you also feel that it got clear ahead and then you can walk out and engage of an audience without feeling slightly worried about everything that’s going on including the big truck. By moving up the way for otherwise I’d get run over see that’s the difference lots of good breathing can make and when you’re going out and presenting in front of your audience makes a difference to you as well.

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