Jumping And Growing Wings On The Way Up

Today’s leader doesn’t stand above the troops, she integrates, motivates, and leads the charge from the middle of the ranks. She understands that others also have great knowledge and the more they feel valued and fulfilled, the greater the ROI and the bottom line results.

She knows Millennials have a completely different set of needs and drivers than previous generations.

She’s keen to evolve WITH them.


  1. Do you ever feel challenged delivering to a boardroom setting?
  2. Are you persuasive when speaking to the press?
  3. Do you interview well during crisis situations?
  4. Can you launch an event with a rousing and inspiring keynote presentation?
  5. Does your team give you dull PowerPoint slides that make audiences lose focus?
  6. Do you worry that you are often un-noticed in a brainstorming session?
  7. Do you feel challenged making ‘small-talk’ in case you are judged unfairly?
  8. Do you worry that your conversation and thinking are too negative and therefore uninspiring to others?
  9. Do you feel that your social media branding lets you down?
  10. Do you ever regret NOT GETTING EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT in conversations?

We NEED to work on your communications skills.

We will train you to become an expert in…

  1. Personal charisma and influence.
  2. Mindset and motivation.
  3. NLP enhanced communication.
  4. Stagecraft
  5. Persuasion techniques.
  6. Humble leadership values.

Why ‘Humble leadership’? This is the new collective term for effective management adapted and used throughout every industry and getting incredible long-term results in an ever-changing world.

What are the top 10 traits of a ‘Humble leader’?

1. Humble Leaders Listen To Their People.

Effective decision-making has two steps, gathering information and making a choice. The humble leader asks her team to share their thoughts and brainstorms options. That way they take ownership of the process and they suggest innovative out-of-the-box solutions that just might work.

2. Humble Leaders Are Life-Long Learners.

Mastering a subject means that you still know nothing but can ask better in-depth questions and get more effective results. In an ever-changing world, the humble leader understands the importance of open-minded thinking and that many sources can bring new insights faster than one.

3. Humble Leaders Generate Power.

The more connected, flexible and interested in others you can be, means a higher influence for people who will produce results to please you. Loyalty, success and longevity are natural side-effects.

4. Humble Leaders Build Tribes.

They create and connect with other thought leaders. They generate conversations. They appreciate that competitors also have a useful voice, there is enough business for everyone and a collective group has a better chance to steer and grow their industry. Of course, the tribe’s beating heart belongs to them.

5. Humble Leaders Share The Work.

It’s not about the credit; it’s all about the results and the journey. Modern leaders understand the bottom line is most effective when it’s a collective result. Collaborating and delegating are key skills in the toolbox of any manager. By every metric used, success can come from many paths but team efforts are easier to reproduce.

6. Humble Leaders Always Forgive Unconditionally.

There is no point in harbouring a grudge. You don’t have to forget nor trust the same person with the same tasks twice, but move on. Now.

7. Humble Leaders Get Things Wrong.

We all make mistakes. It’s a vital part of our learning curve. The bigger question is ‘what are you going to do about it NEXT’? Then ‘how can we avoid doing it wtice’?

8. Humble Leaders Are NOT Job Title Obsessed

The title on the door or desk or badge is unimportant of you don’t get results and lead your team. They know who you are. You are the chief communications officer – you lead the conversations. More organizations are adopting a levelled job structure over the traditional pyramid. This is why.

9. Humble Leaders Don’t Push – They Pull.

It’s a team effort and you need to be able to experience what the troops see, hear and feel too. That knowledge allows you to lead them into the battle with more insights and empathy.

10. Humble Leaders Know It’s NOT About Them.

The journey to success has many contributors along the way. The best leaders recognise that from the very beginning and ensure that the rewards, accolades and kudos are attributed to those who gave their best. There is no “I” in TEAM.

The way you think, speak and share ideas is everything.

You ARE a brand (like it or not).

Your team will monitor your presentations, your online posts, your face-to-face interactions and your daily achievements to decide whether or not to emulate you or distance themselves from you by benchmarking everything that you are not.

Your words are all-quotable and may often be recorded on video and shared online with AND without your permission. You need to know what they really mean and the impact they have on an audience both live and viewing often years later.


  1. Influence automatically
  2. Read people and appreciate their reasons and actions
  3. Create your destiny
  4. Negotiate successfully
  5. Communicate clearly
  6. Become the most valuable member in any group
  7. Speak effortlessly and get results
  8. Economy of speech
  9. Hypnotize and engage
  10. Turn thoughts into reality
  11. Drive boardroom meetings.
  12. Lead heads of department.
  13. Grow a tribe.
  14. Embody your brand values.
  15. Project your goals onto others.

Hypnotic Leadership Training Gets Results EVERY TIME.

We use a combination of motivation, persuasion, NLP communication skills and public speaking audience engagement techniques.
When used together they produce an unstoppable persuasion toolkit for any business.

Turn your team into empowered superheroes able to give their very best and achieve higher levels of success.

What Others Have To Say

Mike Sypsomos, Project management coach.

Over my 30 years in project management I have done a lot of training and I got a lot of speeches and I just met Dave Crane here in The Speak In Dubai Conference and Dave has taught me how to be a better speaker, how to motivate people more and just from that I have decided that this is going to be my next, my next career.

Thank you so much Dave!

Trina Rice, Entertainer and Empowerment coach

I have had the honour of meeting the amazing David Crane he has been such a gift at our speaker conference and giving us tools and tips.

Pragmatic tools that you can use to hope, assist in entertaining the crowd and keeping them entertained. He’s amazing and I’m very honoured that I got to actually speak with him and to use his tools.

Because I have applied them and I applied them to my speech and it worked.

So if you ever want an amazing speaker and one that is starkly fun and he’s also a superhero, get David Crane.

Patty Alphonso, best selling author & trainer

I just had the pleasure and the honor to see Dave Crane, not only entertain us with his speaking skills but also to train us and as an entertainer.

First of all, he is hysterical. He keeps the crowd going over and over and over again.

And he also uses really relevant content which is always fun. And as a trainer, every single tip that he gave us during his training session I completely implemented it and it worked.

And it was amazing and my speech was also a success. So thank you Dave Crane for being you and for lighting up the world and I can’t wait to see you again.

Veena Arunyakasem, Business doctor.

You know what? This is my life changing event.

Okay let me put this way, you know the reason I come to back to Dubai because I want to meet Dave Crane and the reason for that because I know that he just so famous, so talented but then when I come here and I learned from him.

Dr Ying, growth specialist and consultant

Flying over just to meet THE Dave Crane, I’m so happy that I have taken this opportunity to be here with him because he has helped me a lot with my speaker training, all the skills, all the tools, all the tips I thought I knew.

He has given me so much in such a short time that we have together I wish I had more time so Dave Crane.
You are awesome.

You teach me and you inspire you to be a speaker, even a better speaker so I would love to work with you more and I would encourage anybody who even thinking of being speaker you cannot miss working with Dave Crane.

He is such inspiring. Thank you Dave

Jean Marc Berne, Owner/ President at Berne Media Enterprises

It’s been a pleasure to get to see Dave Crane and as a speaker and to see how he really commands the crowd and gets them excited.

And he also is a master at bringing them into the story and also leading them into the story and also a diverting their attention when their attention gets diverted into back into the story.

And also had the pleasure to get to work with him as a coach and getting to learn some of the tools and techniques that he uses to master and commands the crowd.

And me being an actor and having worked on stage I am a lifelong student and it’s been a real pleasure to get that kind of learning from him that something that I got to apply right away here at Dubai Internet City.

So thank you Dave for your teaching and for your inspiration.

Melissa Hull Gallemore, Co-host of the Hollywood Entrepreneurship and partner at Icon Builder media

My time here in Dubai with Dave Crane has been truly not only inspirational but transformational.

He has helped me. I’ve been on TV and so people assume that you’re just speaking in front of the crowd is easy but I’m on a set and it’s very different to go from a closed set just speaking to a live audience.

He helped me identify some limiting beliefs and really step more fully into my presence on stage. And eliminate all of that fear and he’s an amazing man.

I can’t wait to work with him more in the future.

Katherine McIntosh, Founder of the No Judgment Diet

I’m here in Dubai with the number one Mr. Dave Crane and I’m telling you… He is such an inspiration. I met him back in May and he just touched me immediately.

Dave knows how to control room, control crowd, inspire them, make them laugh. Do it with humor but most importantly have them walk away with some things that they can start implementing right away.

Dave touched me immediately and i’m walking away with some tools, more tools in my pocket that I’m gonna implement in my business and my life.

I highly recommend Dave. He’s an incredible coach and just by the few conversations I’ve had I see the certain areas of my life that I’m going to tweak just a little bit all in Dave Crane style and he’s an amazing person and hire him.

Jill E Fagan, Author and founder at Icon Builder media

I have just had the opportunity of doing some training with Dave Crane, THE Dave Crane and I gotta say he was incredible.
Not only did he give me information and techniques that were immediately actionable which I was able to implement in my next presentation, but he was entertaining. He’s knowledgeable. He was just able to bring it all together it’s everything you want in speaker training.

In addition to that, he just presented some really great things as a speaker that I love, I mean watching him on stage it’s amazing. He has all the points, the highs the lows, everything that you would want to see in a speaker, Dave Crane delivers.

If you have a chance to come and watch him, RUN, don’t walk, run to see him. He’s amazing!

James Dentley, International speaker and business coach

I’m actually a teacher of speakers and I tell you I got a chance to meet this weekend and spend a lot of time with Dave Crane and I’ll tell you I’ve never seen anything like him.

He’s a legend in his own writing, many places around the world but if you haven’t seen him, he’s more than that he’s also a teacher, educator, he knows how to teach you an entertaining type of way and not only will you learn, you want to learn. He will anchor it and give you the tools and information you need to live your best life ever.

So if you’re looking for someone to MC but more than that look at someone impact your life and change your life, impact of changes in your life or your corporation, I highly recommend, no, I INSIST you go to see Dave Crane to get the job done.

Nobody does it better.

Brian Ridgeway, Spell breaker & spiritual leader

For the last 40 years have been fanatic about seeking out the best in any area that I want to study. I don’t just look for the hype I look at what people are saying is great and then I’d I’ve investigated for myself and I had a unique experience about five years ago…

I ran into Dave Crane and I immediately can see that this guy was a rock star in every sense of the word, just his personality, his presence and then I found out what he did.

Well, duh, it makes sense since then over the last five years I’ve seen Dave everywhere and then I just heard him speak in Dubai.

David Cavanagh, Internet Marketing Expert

I want to have a big shout-out from my good friend Dave Crane.

I mean I just spent the whole weekend by turning around speaking on stages such as the Dubai Internet City also Burj Al Arab and we’re all like the place, World Trade Center, you name it.

We were there and I learned so much from Dave Crane. I mean I’ve known Dave from there for seven years now but I tell you something what he’s done with the rugby sevens.

I look what he’s done TV with hypnosis shows, keynote speaking, what he’s done things World MC, you name it Dave has done everything and we spent seven days for this going over simple effective strategies to help you get speaking jobs and to help you communicate at a level that’s unforgettable. I mean he’s really good you get a chance to work with Dave Crane if you get a chance to actually book him, book him now before your opposition does because he does all no matter what function you’ve got Dave Crane can adequately covered with the right information. I’ll tell you something, he’s brilliant I would book Dave Crane in a heartbeat.

I’ve known Dave since 2004 so that’s 12 years now and I know really good challenge I wanna see and Dave Crane he’s your man, book him now.


Cheryl Benson Bauer, Well-being Expert

I’ve seen Dave on numerous occasions and different venues.

He’s one of the most amazing presenters and speakers that I’ve ever seen and if you’re interested in learning how to do public speaking yourself. He’s the man for you, he’s got courses you want to study with him. He is the speaker’s speaker.

That’s why I highly recommend that you get together with Dave and this is something that is a calling in your heart. This is the man that you need to study with.

I love Dave. He’s all over Dubai, he’s ingrained in the industry.

Here, he’s got connections and I can’t recommend him high enough.

Walid Saab, Management Consultant

I highly recommend Dave Crane because he has helped me to boost my confidence in delivering sales presentations in client pictures and just a manager room full of people and leave a lasting impression.

Ahmed El Milighy Entrepreneur, Restauranteur and Fitness Expert

I’m an Egyptian I come today on the session and I found very helpful and useful. Dave told me one word, you tell me how many doing it that ‘you’re in the process of’ becoming the right person never say I still need think, I still need to do.Just keep telling yourself you are in the process of doing something and nine years from that day. Now, I’m very successful person.

Thanks to Dave and thanks to God of course.

Everything is perfect. I’ll give it all to you Man.

Thank you very much!

I’m so blown away good to see this guy that I think congratulations.

Stick with it you’re in the progress of making success.

Yasmin Imam, Director of Corporate Banking

I spent an afternoon with Dave and I think it was the most fabulous afternoon I had and he’s really good at helping you to create your own brand, to be great at public speaking and to be able to hold a question and answer session.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to start a career in public speaking to come and speak to Dave.

Mirza Ahmad, Auditor

I came to see Dave for speaker training.

In a very short amount of time, he has taught me how to bring my A-game, how to do is my natural defense, how to be comfortable within my own skin and my strengths and how to fine tune my weaknesses in order to be a good speaker.

So I really do recommend Dave for any speaker training, motivational training to all of you guys.

Thank you very much!

Claire Murphy, University Lecturer and IELTS Examiner

I attended the session today with Dave Crane which is phenomenal experience. It’s a one-stop-shop. If you want to launch your career, if you want to become a better speaker, you want to overcome your fear of speaking and you wanna know the direction of your career by how to write a book, how to improve website, how to sell yourself, even more.

These 4 hours is priceless.

This is something that you take with you and it helps you on your journey to become a successful international speaker.

Maryam Seaidavi, Business Developer

For the many years, I’ve been into Toastmasters. I feel the gap in so many areas but with Dave showed me what exactly I need to do.

And also, I recommend anybody who wants to become a public speaker or keynote to reach Dave and he will define you what exactly YOU need to do.

Shital Chitre, Reiki Grand Master and Entity Cleanser

I with met Dave today and had too many questions in my mind, too much confusion about my career and what I received today was clarity, clarity and clarity over everything that I thought that was not possible or I cannot do, what I should not do to promote myself.

But he made it brought it up with so much ease and give so much clarity over points, that I should be going ahead with, I should not be going ahead with and now my future looks great.

Nicky Jones, Author, Speaker, Trainer

I just have the opportunity pleasure of spending 5 days on a workshop with Dave Crane, all about entertaining people and public speaking. I have done a lot of public speaking but what I gained in knowledge from Dave Crane has absolutely changed my career.

I know how to entertain people on stage now as well as the public speaking element that he able to give me and it’s just invaluable. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Dave Crane, you have to take it. It will change your life, it will change your career, you’ll master it.

I recommend Dave Crane.

Ruben West, Lead Trainer at the Black Belt Speakers

Hey, this is Ruben West I’m from the USA but I’m here in Dubai. And I just got a chance to hear, speak and meet Dave Crane. And what I can tell you is he is amazing, that he has an ability to engage the audience and connect with people and it almost seems like he does it effortlessly.

And what was really funny is at the end we were waiting to talk to him and I went up to tell him that there was a part of his message that I felt like he was speaking exactly to me.

But what was amazing is somebody else was waiting to tell the same thing and they were talking about a different part of the message.

If you’ve not gotten a chance to hear Dave Crane speak or train or coach or do his thing, I suggest that you do because he is amazing.

Thanks Dave!

LAURA DUONG, Business Start Up and Sale Consultant

Hello, my goodness I’ve met wonderful, amazing, incredible person his name is Dave Crane, my goodness this man is full of wisdom. He is compassionate. He is caring. And you know what, he knows his stuff.

If you get to be couched by him or do any business with him, you’re a one lucky person. Let me tell you something, he is like my brother from another mother and I trust him with my life to help you get anything that you want to achieve.

So look him up if you get a chance to work with him there’s no turning back.

He’s super amazing!

Justin Teoh, Video Marketing Expert

Hey, my name is Justin Teoh. I’m an international speaker and video marketer as well. I’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and spoken in I don’t know about in countries around the world but I’ve had the privilege and honor of working with Dave Crane for the past couple days here in Dubai. And I just gotta say it’s been an incredible experience.

A lot of the craft that he shared with me about stage craft, about working with people and also the behind the scenes things, you know running the business side of things as well. How to get gigs, how to negotiate the gigs and what to do when people start asking if a whole bunch of different things.

He’s got an amazing strategy for that. I learned it and I will never forget it and I know it’s going to help me transform my business corporate was something I’ve never really thought about before.

Now because of Dave, I totally get it. I totally get what’s important and I totally get them, I can do it too.

So, if you are a speaker, you want to get the speaker training from one of the best in the world, I highly recommend to work with Dave Crane if you get the chance.


Hi everyone I’m Dr. Zarin Gillani and I’m here in Dubai I have seen and watched Dave Crane on Youtube. And I think at that time, I thought he was funny and I really wanted to meet this guy and guess what in Dubai I was able to meet him.

He is so creative and he’s funny but his languages even more creative.

You will love him when you meet him and he’s coming to United States.



Hi. I’m Cathy Harris and I’m from Philadelphia. And I’m here in Dubai and I have had the most amazing opportunity to meet Dave Crane.

I’ve heard him speak and he’s absolutely amazing but you know what he’s even better at, he’s better at he’s amazing at teaching as well he really helped me to understand, you know, where I need to improve myself.

He’s just so giving that way and it was just, his advice is absolutely invaluable and it was an absolute great being here.

Thanks Dave!