Your ability to think clearly and make excellent decisions is essential to your success as a CEO or Senior Executive.

Having a trusted advisor and personal coach who can offer you different ideas and perspectives on your business and personal situation can help you to make better decisions in each area.

Dave Crane has consulted, trained, coached and worked with the executives and staff of more than 1,000 large companies. He has taught and trained more than five million people in 58 countries. He has written 52 books and produced more than 500 audio and video learning programs focused on business and personal achievement.

The ideas and insights he has gained and shared have enabled him to work as an effective CEO Coach for than 1,000 business owners, making many millions of dollars for his clients, and transforming their lives in a positive way.

What he has done for others, he can do for you as well.

Dave can help you gain greater clarity in each of those areas that are important to you through candid and honest exploration of your real self and abilities.

Due to Dave’s schedule, he can only work with a handful of clients and prefers to create a year-long program to maximize the benefits to you. He can also do an all-day strategy session with your team. The investment to work with Dave Crane may vary, but you can expect it to be about $60,000 per year ($5000 per month with the option to discontinue at any time), for 2 hours per month, either one hour at a time or two hours at once, via phone or Skype. If interested in learning more, hire Dave Crane 1 on 1 coaching application.

Dave Crane will tailor a program for you and specializes in the following areas of Service:

  • Personal Coaching & Consulting
  • Executive and Management Development
  • Executive Speaking
  • Strategic Planning