28 Sep 2018

Chilling Relax

It’s me Dave Crane in this gorgeous, gorgeousevening on a weekend here in Dubai just chilling out, look at the view that I can see from the back of the boat. I’m hear with my closest friends, some of them are leaving and so it’s a sort of get together to let them know how much we care but what I want to share with you this thing, I’ve lived in five for about 24 years and I know I don’t do this often enough.

I don’t go out and see people. I don’t go out and enjoy what people are talking about with Dubai. I just go to work, come back, travel a bit and then sometimes thinking life is tough. Life is challenging. And if you forget what it is that people are actually there to do. Life should be enjoying. You should be able to turn around wherever you are in different part of the world and see if you. If it’s not like this, you’ll be natural or I’ll be full of people and we’re full of all the things that you just take for granted. Coz one day, you might not get it back again.

So what my suggestion is, this weekend do something that’s good for you. chill out and enjoy. And one day, you see guys like this,
say hello, Hello…Hi.. and he might be a little too old to enjoy it. You might not thought about it.

Stay young!

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