19 Oct 2018

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and if you’re a CEO or a decision maker and you’ve put together your wonderful events, all the staff are there, the shareholders are there, all the clients are there, other people you want to impress, do not waste your time talking to anybody but your staff. Why?...
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08 Oct 2018

Not born rich? Cool. We have to work smarter, harder and longer than the competition. Ready?

Hi I’m Dave Crane. And one of the things that people don’t realize is that when you start making successes. When you start making things happen, it’s not by accidents the truth is you work harder than everybody else. You stay longer than everybody else. Once the audience has gone y...
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01 Oct 2018

Ask Why You Didn’t Get the JOB

Hi. It’s me Dave Crane. I want to share to you an insight, if you’re currently looking for a job and you’re worried about the fact that you know you got your job interviews and it’s just not gelling and you feel terrible. You’ve got money problems. You got a relationshi...
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28 Sep 2018

Chilling Relax

It’s me Dave Crane in this gorgeous, gorgeousevening on a weekend here in Dubai just chilling out, look at the view that I can see from the back of the boat. I’m hear with my closest friends, some of them are leaving and so it’s a sort of get together to let them know how […...
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09 Aug 2018

Advice from your best friend

Hi. I’m Dave crane and this is an interesting for you today. If you’re to me the future you as in you that’s in five years time or ten years time has been for all the stuff you’re going through right now has got out of it at the other side, what would they say […]...
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03 Aug 2018

How to stop tough life lessons

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. Now, if you’re worried about what’s gonna happen next in the future, coming episode of your life, business-wise relationship wise, health-wise. Here’s what you have to do, ask yourself a question what’s the worst thing that could happen to me. Could ...
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01 Aug 2018

Interested in attending a one day personal branding bootcamp

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. I want to ask you a question, what’s stopping you from getting to be the very best in your industry? If the answer is I don’t really know then let me help you come and join me for one day boot camp. So, I’ll be based on creating your brand a […]...
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