17 Sep 2018

Boardroom 101 – Do audiences judge

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and if you’ve ever had to give a public speech or do a presentation to a board of people bit like this was about 30 odd seats and you’re wondering oh my goodness, whatever get it wrong? What to make a fool myself? What do people judge me?

Well, first of all nobody judges you. What they actually do is assess you. They work out who you are. Wait from what you do and if your message all fits together, and it’s normal it’s called indexing we do all the time. That’s the same way as when you’re walking down the street, you might look at somebody of the opposite sex or the same sex and you check out all their body parts and face. Now, that might seem like, oh my goodness your, your perving. It’s not real. It’s called indexing. It’s built into our system to go to work out who should be the primates that we should be with ,who should be the best partner that we could make babies with.

Well, a similar thing happens when you go on stage but don’t look at it the same way but just assess whether you are congruent with your message and with the way that you portray yourself on your business card or your LinkedIn, your social media but trying to work out. If what you say will have value and if so should they give you the credits and pay attention to you.

So, don’t think for a second that they’re gonna hate you. I love you based on the way that you start.
They’ll hate you or love you based on whether you waste their time or not.
So, don’t waste their time.

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