03 Aug 2018

How to stop tough life lessons

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. Now, if you’re worried about what’s gonna happen next in the future, coming episode of your life, business-wise relationship wise, health-wise. Here’s what you have to do, ask yourself a question what’s the worst thing that could happen to me. Could ...
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01 Aug 2018

Interested in attending a one day personal branding bootcamp

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. I want to ask you a question, what’s stopping you from getting to be the very best in your industry? If the answer is I don’t really know then let me help you come and join me for one day boot camp. So, I’ll be based on creating your brand a […]...
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20 Jul 2018

Tough day ahead

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and I realized today as a tough day for you. Whether it’s dragging yourself out of bed but we’re still with some personal issues. Maybe it’s finances, maybe send your personal relationship, maybe send long-lost friends that you want to reconnect with or may...
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20 Jul 2018

The 20 40 60 Rule

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. I wanted to introduce you to a really cool thought that’s somebody shared to me a long time ago. When you’re 20, you’re worried about what everybody’s saying about you. Then you turned 40 and you don’t care what anybody is saying about you. And...
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17 Jul 2018

Your Self Talk

Hi. I’m Dave Crane. I have one rule and that one’s lasted with me for my entire life and that’s never lie to number one. Never lie to yourself about what’s going on in a big wide world or what’s going on with you you can create your own bubble but make sure that the [&h...
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16 Jul 2018

You Are That Good

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and scared about you. I’m scared about you because of a story about lobsters. I’m not gonna say crabs but it’s probably true for crabs as well. If you’re a chef then you’ll know this is true. If you’re not a chef you have to google it and ...
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20 Jun 2018

Importance Of Motivational Speaking

Motivational speakers are people who make inspirational, motivational speeches that gives stimuli to the audience to make changes and therefore improve the value of their lives. They not only motivate people but also give essential education and teach the ways to achieve that change, they provide a ...
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10 Jun 2018

How To Deliver A Perfect Speech

Public, sales speaking has gained its popularity. We see a lot of motivational speakers nowadays, reason if which is that public speaking is an effective platform for good content and marketing and sales strategy. It will bring your brand press and industry credibility and it becomes easier for you ...
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26 May 2018

Train Yourself To Sell Better

If you own a business or if you are a salesperson of a company your goal is to increase sales as much as possible and promote your products. There are multiple methods of promotion. For instance, if you consider television advertisements or radio advertisements, they are very expensive and you migh...
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15 Mar 2017

Dave Crane Public Speaker Training

Hi! I’m David Crane and I can make you a great public speaker. When you decide, it’s time to upgrade your life. It could be lots of different reasons to be great speaker means that you want to overcome your fear of public speaking. You might want to learn more as direct result of begins ...
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09 Mar 2017

How To Live Forever

Good Morning! It’s me Dave Crane back from Maria’s three did you really miss me that much about you didn’t get the baby didn’t know what God richest of the blast had an amazing time. If you haven’t seen the videos that are then what’s up have a look I think there̵...
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07 Mar 2017

Public Speaking 101

Good Morning! I’ve been here live from Mauritius and it’s another cool day. Because tomorrow where to start the World Club tens rugby finals major teams involved Bromby, Saracens, sharks got some all-star teams too long. But we got about 70 times, it’s unbelievable. I’m also part of bringing...
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