01 Oct 2018

Ask Why You Didn’t Get the JOB

Hi. It’s me Dave Crane. I want to share to you an insight, if you’re currently looking for a job and you’re worried about the fact that you know you got your job interviews and it’s just not gelling and you feel terrible. You’ve got money problems. You got a relationship problems. You’ve got family to look after. You got plans, mortgages, car loans, whatever it is, when you go for a job interview if you don’t get it most people walk out with feel terrible. Here’s what you should do, go back to these people and ask what it was of that stop them giving you the job. Most people don’t do it. They really don’t. They just go, it must be me, must be
me, must be. No kiss their ass.

Here’s the thing, if you are that good you know that close you believe you should be good that good then we need to tell you what it is and they will tell you because it got a list of the reasons why you didn’t get a job. Work out what it is and adapt that into the next job interview you go for and then the next one and then the next one. And eventually you’ll improve
to the point where every time you walk into a job interview you’ll know it’s yours.

Going with certainty because eventually you’ll know exactly how this whole thing works then the the whole thing will be on you which job do you actually want and that’s the position you
really want to be in.

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