10 Jul 2018

4 Ways to Beat Speaking Fears

Hi, I’m Dave Crane. I want to share with you a really big tip about people have a fear of public speaking.

Imagine that you’re in a cave and a bear comes to the cave and you’re threatened you could die. It’s gonna eat you. Well there’s four natural responses; First one is flight run as fast as you can; Second one fight get stuck in see if you can beat the bear at what it does; Third one is freeze pretend you that hopefully will notice you and I’ll go after somebody else or think you’re a rock that’s what happens when people on the stage they freeze brain empty no appetite legs as still as it can be wanting all to go away; Well the Fourth way of doing it is to face it.

Become a public speaker. Learn how to deal with it and that’s where I come in I coach hundreds and thousands of people to be much better at communicating.

So when do we start?

Very simply, get out on to the link, click it and come and join me for a free webinar or free coaching session.
I’d love to spend some time with you.

Let’s get you out there!

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