19 Oct 2018

Hi. I’m Dave Crane and if you’re a CEO or a decision maker and you’ve put together your wonderful events, all the staff are there, the shareholders are there, all the clients are there, other people you want to impress, do not waste your time talking to anybody but your staff.

Because everybody else you have a chance to talk to every other occasion. The shareholders want to see that your staff
loves you. Your staff wants to know what’s in it for me. I might gonna be working with this company in a year’s time. Are you providing for my family? You’re providing for my rents? Am I gonna be okay? Your clients want to know that your staff you’ll have a lifeblood of your company are gonna be working for you on their production, on their services.

So, dedicate everything to making your staff happy. Keep over talk about the money and so on to the boardroom, where the boardroom people.

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