25 Nov 2016

The ONLY way to bulletproof your job

Good Day!

It’s Dave Crane in my kitchen chilling.

So today, I want to share an idea of as you get older, energy and wiser you also get more. But get more and learning it. And you become closer to being an expert, if you are not already an expert in their field. Let’s face it that’s ultimately what you want to work towards.

But here’s a thought always be open to learning more is nevertheless stage when you say you know what I know everything on the best there is and what I do, I don’t need to learn anything else. Because what happens there especially nowadays where we’ll be internet with everything else ideas change so quickly get ready to take a fall.

I remember reading an article this week from the CEO of not here. Believe it or not the definitive phone company mobile phones were actually just called a knock here is my lucky. And it was at that moment what time is it like a brick opened up remember that was about that size that we’re giving communicator and everybody who’s anybody have a look here for.

Nowadays a very few people have no gift and market but it’s just the truth and you saying we never, I never did anything wrong we didn’t do anything wrong or you did you stopped being open to new ideas the market shift their different journey and different direction.

But you were adamant that he was still the top of the tree and that’s why things failed this industry. Right now for twitter was finally a very difficult time placing yourself in a new world of my Instagram or Facebook Messenger and so on.

Its relevance is going down and as a result is fighting very hard to get shareholders to sell ourselves a company can recover well in time. And see a situation unlikely we’ll get situation with twitter if it doesn’t stop itself now and have some reinvention that goes to have a market is going will be able to recover.

So, with you in your industry, in your business, in your job, the minute you think too good and you have to worry about anybody else, anything else. that’s the moment you actually most vulnerable always keep an eye and an error to a new things that going on. I’m a master practitioner as a hypnotist and as a little pain your linguistic programming expert and have been for ten years. What time that was kind of important nowadays everybody does it, so it means that as far as I’m concerned nobody does it because it’s not benchmark engaging people I was going to mail into new things new ideas doing live videos.

So in your world, wherever you do was be open to new things, keep an eye on the new trends and share with people as much as you can do because the more you teach, you become better at learning because they will give you feedback on yourself.

And you can improve your own craft so there we go a little warning sign you might not have a job in a month be open.

Alright … take it easy!

Have a great day!

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