28 Nov 2016

That Big Question…

Dedicated to all my good radio friends who now have an awesome opportunity to reinvent themselves to become 2.0.

Hi! It’s Dave Crane again. Let’s try again this time, about small people jumping into the broadcast and deciding to just go a Dominion noises. Oh you’re fine I wanna share the big question in fact that she had a big question. I’m look he’s just pops up the window. No I don’t keep a baby in a box. This is her just finish your breakfast say bye-bye. Ok, right here’s the deal recently that just over before the weekend one of the big radio stations to the gradient stations in Dubai closed down radio 1 on radio. And I used to work at the station. So it’s actually quite personal for me as well I know a lot of the guys are with stations and fantastic broadcasters really cool people.

And I remember that when I make Jeff Price who’s currently a big boss of all of them was working on creating radio 1 and radio to giving it a new identity and making it strong as powerful as it is right now. There’s a lot they went through selecting the team have been here for 10 years creating the difference with a radio on radio. And also fighting with the powers that be to make sure that they understood the vision and how to separate itself and be different from the rest of the market. I think that an amazing job radio was really cool funky great music R&B soul dance everything with some really inspired djs work in their radio. It’s a bit more laid back a bit more crazy in the way that if you’re older and he’s like to chill out you can say you know what I want people to talk to me the way I like it that was different because most people didn’t do it like that most people just want to go to the youngest funky its market.

And get the middle ground Radio to do like that Radio 2 with people my age wanted to hear eighties nineties seventies even and have a different spin on life and we created it was very successful. And it’s a really good show from both stations but the game’s changed don’t want to spend time telling you about what happened to the station’s because at the end of the day whenever somebody decided that they didn’t want the safe to continue our license didn’t get renewed or or something else aboard. Here out none of that matters it’s just business something’s happening business some of the things you like some of the things you don’t like if you’re a football fan day like Manchester United you’ll be glad that Jose Mourinho has taken over to be sad that Alex Berg’s and has gone you’ll be happy that they’ve got vision that’s going to go forward.

And you’d be upset the pep guardiola is going to mention that it doesn’t matter. Yes, they’re so Wales being unbelievable at football now those been greater rugby football bit dodgy but they got through to the semi-finals of the European Cup much better than England much, much better than England. In fact of a sub proud I watched everything is a very end even those dropping like this just really tired. It’s just so inspiring to see our team came together and yes I got Gareth Bale but he didn’t score. But it was inspiring to the whole team and made it all come together which is an amazing thing I just goes to show how you don’t have to be the very best in the world. You have to work together and find your best plan the best way to make you have just over radio stations. And I want to share some stories would be about it because I think it’s quite inspiring in the way that the way that you deal with stuff is what with the dj’s and and artists and production staff.

And everybody else is going to go through the next couple of months and beyond the big question which I share with you which I think will just solve some it. All out for you to understand exactly where I’m coming from when we talk about it so I went to radio – and I had a great time with some amazing people that seem like Dave Cleary who have known since he was 18 years old. Now, he’s over her years old this year won the the best radio DJ of the year that’s how good this quality is that so amazing is come on as a presenter. Now for every rich guy working radio station behind the scenes in front of the scenes being on radio being celebrity of any kind is addictive I turned around a one point to the radio stations working radio.

And just said you know what I don’t do this anymore that’s because my life to change of that I’m not saying you know others my epiphany just came to a point where I realized that the only thing that really matters in life is making sure that you are happy and name a peep it for people around you as well I just found that being on broadcasting being a radio station didn’t make me happier can’t deal with the politics of the time there’s a lot of politics. And also moved out of the djs had 14 times that makes a massive difference but to you and to me there’s an amazing thing that happens and that’s what we got to decide with every job how long do I want to stay there.

And what we’re doing next and when I said I was going to stop being a DJ and stop being a broadcaster I remember one guy who is a big boss of those regional director of the hotel chain turn around me and said don’t be ridiculous why would you possibly ever want to stop being a DJ you’re doing well. And what he loves you making good money if you stop doing this and stop being a hypnotist or wherever it is you talk about now you’re gonna go crazy don’t do it. I was really disappointed that somebody about such a level is couldn’t get it can get where I was going and this is the key thing whenever you have a difficult time and you have to deal with tragedy.

And right now, I feel for all the guys in the radio stations radio stations I mean that the guys give every single day and the money is not great the spin-offs could be kind of nice as well. But the bottom line is you go online you go in there and you share your soul you Barry neither very best for the listener to enjoy themselves. It’s a real tragedy when something to java is the nature of the beast is just basically in business so while you’re feeling sad and it could have been any other job not just broadcasting it. Could happen to you if you workin it up as a plumber or as a computer expert as an event manager as a regional director of hotel chains doesn’t matter what your job is at some point it can come to an end. Now, it’s difficult to deal with because you take a person you think what I’m gonna do next not so what was my family how can I support my family are going to pay my rent I can I get food can I stay in this country.

All these questions go for your head and you’re wondering where’s the justice and must be something that comes together this must be part some bigger plan. So the plan is there and I can understand why is all happens to me there’s no real plan that is following you the plan. And life can only be read backwards only when you look at what you did today way to the day before I move it further like that can actually understand where the pattern actually is what happens in the future you work out on a daily basis. And you plan today what’s going to happen later that makes sense ok so here’s a question I love with some guy called comers and there’s an inspirational speaker and very successful business with whenever you’re dealt a really difficult set of cards anyone during this is a tough thing how I’m gonna get through this.

I’ve lost my job. I lost my car. I’ve split my relationship a ton of things that would be really really make it difficult to deal with everything here’s the big question you gotta say this yourself. And it’s going to be something that I hope will inspire you in the future to be able to be stronger whenever things that stuff you gotta say this phrase. So what I mean so what so what I just lost my job my radio stations closed down so what well it means I’m and the job market i don’t know where I’m going to go next so what well I’m going to apply for jobs around the world and see where I’m going to travel so what my family is no more jobs for me might not be able to be in radio anymore. So what we have to look at my core skills and work out what it is I can do is going to any money so what well we’ll be famous anymore.

We’ll be broadcasting people might not want me to do the same job so what well I might not be recognized by people everywhere I go so what we’ll have to make friends who are friends not friends. And give me stuff so what and so on and so on keep asking that question so you get to where you truly are and then it becomes easy to love every single thing you know what this is this is something you really gonna hate. But it’s really useful this is the world’s smallest violin playing a really sad tune but how upset you are today the truth is the world doesn’t care everyone’s too busy looking after the run stuff if your radio station goes down they turn to another radio station on the start playing music from their media player their phone in the car.

Did we miss you yet one of the key missing you probably never been to even tell you how good you are but they get on with their lives and everybody does. So you have to as well now as is that cool was that horrible at Calais is that fair enough you’ve got to make your decision. But the bottom line is you can take your time you’ve got the rest of your life to play with it’s never ever about getting stuff done right now you don’t have to but you don’t be happy on a regular basis. I want those on your daily life is what traits that so we’ll work out what’s going to make you happy today you want to go in the crazy band that you want to read some books gonna bring some friends do you want to whine Rick people a kindred spirits.

And just get out your system do whatever it takes to get you through the day but bear in mind that at some point he won’t hurt so much like a curve. Right now it’s really painful but tomorrow is gonna be a little less painful day after it’s gonna be a little bit less a little bit less but it might go up again and down and down that eventually in a year’s time. You won’t know you won’t care like getting over a relationship or if you’ve never lost a job the floor any kind of tragedy like that. Yeah, you forget about it maybe not split it diminishes the actual pain it has for you and that’s true for everybody else is your big question so what and so what should be driving all the deals that we have with things that hurt you on a daily basis.

Once you’ve got through that you asked a better question what do I do next with the information that I’ve got now for me. I got this illusion of working in a radio I’d like to spend too long talking about because it doesn’t really matter i found the politics and everything else made it really difficult to want to get into work every day and a broadcast well I still enjoy this is like 10 years later I’m still broadcasting. But doing on my term social media allows me to have my own audience my owns ideas to share I feel that.

Once it that’s fine I don’t care we can switch off then come back when you’re ready because I expect everybody watch everything I say and do now that’s all I expect him to love me not one bit of them a little bit. But it’s there as a gift and the story you have to reinvent yourself and you should do on a daily basis this matter what your job is what you’re looking at a radio or not working in radio working as any other thing I think about that bigger. And results one day you will no longer be here one day it all ends are you truly going to say that for the entire journey you are upset and angry and disappointed and you wish there was more and he told everybody all about what happened to the radio station.

So they all got bored of it because it will at some point are you going to say you know what was the best thing that ever happened to me because it was a wake-up call it’s taught me a lot about celebrity talking about life. And told me about me it all starts from within become a brand new person on a daily basis really let yourself and realize just how special you truly are we are the world now which allows everyone to be of more immediate broadcasting house. And that is worth currency every company is looking for people to help them get their message out you’re an expert to get your message goes to help people I will pay for it.

I don’t know where this goes I’m campus because I know about some point it will go much the guys are working on radio stations and hopefully help them and hopefully help you if you don’t look in broadcasting. But anything else then the idea that maybe there’s a few things in there a few ideas I’ll make you move forward and help you get to where you truly want to be again based in there as well I realize we get a bit hot and scratching outside this the sun’s beating down really so dark is gonna cover this up me trade. But it’s outside is devised a gorgeous day but it’s a little bit like this woman so too but the lesson for today is to ask yourself.

So what allow yourself to feel bad here the violin in the background let’s say what am I gonna do next and that’s what’s gonna define you I have bad days I have good days and I love every single one of them. Because they make me at the end of the day I go to sleep after a reset and everything that’s happened before I start a new one in the morning and if it kills me that I won’t wake up in the morning. But it hasn’t yet and it won’t kill you so just move on ask yourself so what and from there who truly find your strength that’s it. Make sure you share this with anybody needs to know. And if anybody wants to add any more than please do so in the comments or feel free to contact me directly or through the comments section and share be as much as they can do.

I love to hear what you think about it because sometimes they get things wrong and sometimes they get things right the more information you give me the more feedback tomorrow. He’ll be in the future another broadcast tomorrow, I’m sure gonna go in today my little daughter my is going to around say right.

Let’s talk about golf let’s play doc McStuffins coming to broadcast about that so i might be back later in the day maybe I won’t well just think anyway.

Have a wonderful day and all the best!

Take it easy!

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