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07 Mar 2017

Public Speaking 101

Good Morning!

I’ve been here live from Mauritius and it’s another cool day. Because tomorrow where to start the World Club tens rugby finals major teams involved Bromby, Saracens, sharks got some all-star teams too long. But we got about 70 times, it’s unbelievable. I’m also part of bringing rugby into the community here in Mauritius because if we don’t really into football… Let me put this in perspective for you. The fans are members of the local rugby football association is something in the region about 600 members as Manchester United fan club on the island registers somewhere in the region of a hundred thousand members everywhere you go.

Everyone’s out of Manchester United are not Manchester United. Now, this is a great thing because myself and the movies have a job of hosting and put this all together but she does in the balcony. I think you might enjoy it slightly better because the weather is very good yesterday actually all around the apartment. So now I’m going to show you all around the outside. Let’s do this on the balcony system, oh that’s the step there is a better view if I didn’t notice a step is terrible. Ok, so in the background here you can see how beautiful the most truly is. Oh my goodness! Look at that that call a little bit windy so it could be very careful you’ll get so much wind on the microphone. If I will deal with this is our movie around to here so hopefully you don’t get so much noise on the microphone. I can still chat to you better still with me interesting so that limits but be down to have a little other grounds absolutely fantastic.

Really exciting but the problem is we’ve got to find a way to get the audience to buy in I want to do just now. I want to share some light is doing public speaking. First rule of public speaking, first rule of any kind of performance is don’t sit down. Why? Because the energy is different when you stand up it makes a massive difference you feel grounded you feel that your whole body can be involved in the whole process and you don’t feel stifled in the same way. So that means even if you doing a boardroom session you should really stand up at all times and make sure the energies difference.

Ok, every audience to that I’m going to tell you about public speaking as in working a live audience. Ok, whenever you work of any audience so this is probably true for any part of business as well by the way is either you train them or they train you. How does that work well for a very beginning you have to put your stamp on the events? Have to say that you’re in charge and also that what you’re gonna be doing is worth their attention. There’s something in it for them and you will guarantee a favor attention and play ball of a loved one more time. Now this isn’t always easy to do and he can’t always turn around and demand that they pay attention to you because of a certain reasons they might be busy talking to somebody else might be busy doing something else.

You might also have an agenda of their own that goes against what you’re doing me like maybe even having fun. So if the workout had to get over attention and to guarantee by this stay with you all the way through the flow. One of the best ways to do is turn around and say have a good everyone’s attention. How’s everybody doing? Some people listen to me in the background down there. I think we’re busy cleaning the pool if you have a look see who they are over there you saying just to pull it we’re not gonna go to school today. But as I was saying that they got a show that everything setup including the noise in the background from people cleaning the pool. So whenever you’re welcome an audience have an agenda that’s very simple lots of things that you can share with them but then within the agenda you should be free to think.

So I tend to work with a bullet points around the work of a complete script lot of reasons for doing that not least. Because it wouldn’t blows my bullet points away I can still think of my feet if I miss my plane because I’m going at about breeding for proper script and so it distracts me or something comes up when I have to find my place again. And all this happens live in front of an audience as much as possible now it right down so there’s very little things that can go wrong. Another thing that’s useful let’s think about what could go wrong if it wants to go wrong like the sound doesn’t work of the lights go off our or maybe you get interrupted or you run out of time.

What would you do next? I was doing an event let’s just go back about two years ago thanks my friend Lena typically I was doing a tour of South Africa with my stage hypnosis show fantastic really great week but what happens my very first night in Johannesburg. I was working at Caesar’s Palace really massive casino resort complex and I had with a wonderful job of doing a hypnosis show in that theater because it’s the first time we don’t get many artists what they’ve done has been brought all the press down so it’s a 500 capacity fans that acts out i would say some reason of all the half maybe even two thirds of my press and various invited dignitaries.

So the show is going well, 45 minutes into the show got ten people on stage all hypnotized doing all the crazy fun stuff that last thing to do and you can check online you can see my hypnosis shows to see what kind of things that do. And so we have to speak martian and become lap dancers cheerleaders become babies everything’s really funny but anyway 45 minutes to show all the lights go off always go up. So what we what do you do the audience is looking at you? Think, it is part of a show at the same time you’re thinking hold on guys can simply just tell me what’s going on and nobody’s telling you anything. So what would you do wait two minutes nobody comes back to have any more details audience.

Again in patients what do you think this is important as it gets slightly windy let me move slightly overweight. You still see me here Ok that’s a bit dark but that’s like so what is stuck in a situation where the audience is waiting for something to happen and you’re coming is broken down in. This case extreme darkness very simple thinking on my feet up in the theater so therefore when people do play over there some kind of show they don’t always have microphones good microphone of course wasn’t working for electronics the acoustics be okay in this place. So I asked everybody in pitch darkness, oh by the way I couldn’t do any routines and caramel the show is about had done and the guys were hypnotized on stage we’ve done everything I asked them to do a little of enjoy yourselves and it does because they can’t see anything either first everybody in the room.

But they could still hear me of course on the back we could acoustics we could do I said everybody take a big deep breath close your eyes and hypnotized everybody I didn’t want a trip in their mind about half an hour. And so the lights came back on and the lights didn’t come back on so what I’m going to do was when they came out of the hypnosis switch on their phones make a light and make their way to the exits works really well Massa round of applause and got away of that one I had a hypnotic experience for everybody but everybody and of course we got our tight tight problem with that situation is about that before rugby sevens.

We’ve had the power going off so you have to work with the audience. How do you work it is no microphones and no sound but somehow you got the streams. It’s not some on screens you keep programming live on the screens and screens go off into something else you put the cheerleaders on you work away with the situation. There is always a way of getting out of it so as well go back to it make sure you over prepare stuff and be prepared not to deliver everything sometimes less is more get people to want more.

Now, what the massive fear of public speaking so many people of petrified and I’ll do a proper session public speaking at a later date if you want to share with you some tips by going through my mind about doing this the biggest fear and the planets second biggest fear and pilots is public speaking. Nine out of ten people are most scared about than anything else the idea of standing up in front of an audience and saying things and the audience turns around the last of them and they feel ridiculous. It sounds like your entire insides ripped out because they’re not good enough well how do you deal with that how’d you get my mind around that kind of fear.

Well, remember is a couple of things first of all the audience has no idea what it is that you’re doing so if you get it wrong and you don’t do everything you plans. Well they don’t know that far as they’re concerned you’re just doing the best that you can have a stuffy sharing should be pretty cool and winds down slightly. So always be prepared to do the best that you can with what you’ve got and don’t worry about what audience says because in a guarantee 99.999% of the with not want to be in your position which is fab. Because you’re the person in charge you have the microphone when it works and you can dictate exactly what happens from the events.

And hopefully I’ll be able to give you a little bit of a broadcast if we can get the Wi-Fi right from the events i can show you around the stadium later on today and show you exactly. What it is that we’re working with maybe we’ll do it tomorrow we’ll have to see.

Meanwhile, if you got any questions about public speaking or anything that talk about please feel free to leave a comment, to make sure you follow me on the page, to make sure that you get all the latest updates as they come along so when I got live on broadcasting on facebook or wherever it is you can catch it first. Right? Things be a little bit windy now it’s time for me to go get my breakfast and then head down to the stadium to make sure everything’s prepped and catch up and even find out what kind of state reason you might get a chance to meet him don’t meet him in here because we don’t sleep together. That’d be kind of freaky and it’s bit fat and take the most with that.

So there we go.

Have a great day!

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